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I think the visitor parking permit application process nightmare may have ended. Maybe I missed this before, but it seems there's a new link where we can order visitor parking permits online from Haringey council and pay with a debit or credit card.  Before, you had to print out an application form and send it in the post with a cheque and ours has never reached its destination so we are parking permit-less at the moment.

You have to email them to register and within two days they send you two reference numbers which you then input into the system and off you go! The link is  



I think there's an issue if you've never bought permits before, but that's not clear from the information, so worth giving it a go.

I'll let you know how long it takes me before I receive them. My order went in this morning.

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I'm not sure which page you're referring to when you say "this page", but the links are on the main parking permits page. One might think that the Council is doing its darndest to hide them (perhaps it's heard about the benefits of using gaming approaches?)

I almost gave up looking the first time I tried. 

Thanks Hugh, I have already been to that page and used that link, but it is only for Residents 12 month permits - at least this is the case when I try to use it. I want to order 1-hour visitor permits. which this form doesn't allow for. 

I have now found a link which works, but it's not shown anywhere on the Haringey website (that I can find!), so here it is for anyone else having the same problem


Oops; you're right - sorry. Like you I had a real struggle but did find it eventually. Now I can't find again how I discovered it. Very odd.

Yes it works

I gave them a sequence of a permit I still had.

The Council then sent me an email with a unique Number which has to be used with every order.

I then had to order the tickets and pay (secure payment page)

I got the ticket 10 days later as promised.

ONLY SNAG - there were 3 sheets missing - And how do you proof it?

I ordered hourly and daily tickets consecutively and have still to receive the day tickets. I don't know how I prove that either though have e. mailed Haringey Parking and await a reply.

Below is the reply I got today from Gary Weston of Haringey Parking Service to my email posted on HoL. Normally I wouldn't post the email address of an individual officer below third tier, but Mr Weston has okayed this.

• We do send smaller orders of permits in A5 envelopes, however larger orders cannot be inserted into A5 envelopes. These larger orders may then require the envelopes to be flexed in such a way that they can be inserted into letter boxes by Royal Mail staff.

• With looking into the specific issuance of permits by ‘Maggie’ we aim to process on-line visitor applications within 5 working days of receipt. If ‘Maggie’ wishes to contact me direct I will review that matter further.

• In relation to the comment of ‘chrisandsally’ the printed batch should have been checked before being sent out. We will replace those printed incorrectly and also issue an amount to cover the postage cost of their return to us.

• I have reminded the small team of two officers undertaking this work to ensure they check through printed permits to confirm that printing to the permits is correctly aligned. At times the work flows do vary and coupled with other task slight delays can occur in processing times.

• I note the overall concerns regarding postage times and this is not solely due to the time take to process ny ourselves. We also experience problems with the delivery times of the Royal Mail. As an example on 18th November, over 250 items for Traffic Management arrived 6/8 weeks after they were posted. We are taking this matter further and will be meeting with Royal Mail management next week to discuss.

• Where residents have not previously purchased any type of resident permits we have to register those in order to generate a unique Applicant ID. For those who have purchased previously permits, to order visitor permits the unique Applicant ID and reference of a previous purchase is needed. We do aim to respond to those requests made by email within 3 working days. We are arranging with our Customer Services colleagues, that residents may call and obtain this information to speed up this process and we will update our website when this is finalised.

Please feel free to circulate my email address to those that would like me to look at any issues they have had (or may have in the future) with these processes.

Gary Weston

Email: gary.weston@haringey.gov.uk

Thanks Alan, I think that is really impressive that Gary is addressing our issues - with this few staff, it must be hard. I will email him to ask the best address to send ours back to.

Thanks Alan, I'll let you know what happens.

The response from "Haringey Parking" with regard to the mix up over my Day Parking Permits is totally unsatisfactory. My e.mail query to Gary Weston was forwarded to the technical Support Officer who has e.mailed me to say that "we have allocated our reference number LBH/0240511 and referred it to a parking officer to investigate and respond to you by the 21 December 2011". (My bank account was debited for the tickets on November 22nd). By the time a decision is made and the Visitors Day Permits are sent to me I will be lucky to see them this side of the New Year.

I have some hourly permits but at a rate of 11 permits a day I will soon use them up and it works out at over 3 times the cost.

I am again faced with having to ration friends and family from staying with me. In the meantime I was going to order and pay for more Day Permits in the hope that these will arrive within the next two weeks however it is probably too late to get them for the Festive Season.


I have eight 2-hour and 4 all day tickets but no friends  so you are welcome to have them if you want.

Just thought - they're Wood Green Outer tickets.

Dear John, thank you so much for your offer though. You now have an on-line friend!



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