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Haringey has stopped issuing paper permits.  To buy 'virtual' ones there is an elaborate process of registration, explained in a long and tedious video; but nothing on how you use them once you've managed to convince the council you're entitled to.  Any ideas? Anyone tried it yet?

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Any Haringey councillors reading this? We need an alternative for people who can't readily access the internet/can't afford to keep their phone charged/find the whole thing too scary.  Which must include a number of frail elderly people who desperately need regular visits.

The (paper) letter I received in July (Dear Permit Holder) included a fact sheet addressing this issue - see the scanned image below.

That said, it does not state what one does if unable to visit a Customer Service Centre - ring up and ask for a form to be posted to you, I suppose.

The thing is Gordon it doesn't help with visitors, like trades who turn up whenever. The postal paper system would take days - and to be honest, I suspect more like weeks, to result in actual permits. Not workable with a building job. 

Well yes I know that, and that's what others above have said too.

What I was pointing at, perhaps not obviously enough (though "That said" is a start) - it's an easy default boilerplate position given by Haringey.

Versus the awkward complicated real world.



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