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I have a number of unused visitor parking permits which expire at the end of this year because they have only been printed for use to the year 2020. I have a number left over because no one has been allowed to visit this year. However, Haringey Council tell me that they will not exchange them because that is their policy. Has anyone else had this problem? 

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Policy on refunds was changed three years or so ago - Thread here.

It's still unfair. 

One solution is to trade with someone who many be able to use them before they expire. Failing that, it’s worth trying what worked for Alison and I - post the vouchers back and request a discretionary refund. 

hi i need some for Burgoyne road and Hermitager oad - that is  Green lanes zone A and B

Thanks for your replies. I haven't got too many left, but 10 full day ones which will cost to replace. Its just an irritation as these were only provided 2 years ago when no mention of this policy was made. Neither does it seem to be advertised on their website. I will try anyway for a discretionary refund.

Sorry Geraldine; these are Wood Green Outer Zone.

Ian, did you have any luck with getting a refund or credit for your vouchers? I am in the same position a year later, having purchased a lot of permits in 2019 to use for my visiting clients, and then not being allowed to work for almost a year. I'm wondering if it's worth a stamp to request a refund.

I was told by Councillor Seema Chandwani on twitter that unused visitors permits will be able to be exchanged for equivalent online credit once they implement the new online system. This was several months ago, with the expectation that the online system was going live in November, so I'm not sure what the up-to-date position is. I've asked her, but not had a reply.

That suggests that if Ian were to write and request a refund that his request will be honoured, as were mine and Alison P's

You need to persevere with the Council. There are other boroughs where the permits are not year dated. There is no real reason to explain why they did this in the first place. The blanks were pre-printed so if you bought your permits towards the part of the stock when there werre fewer years remaining you were in fact penalised for no reason otehr than Haringey having a bad system - some would say you were "discriminated against" - you get it?

IF YOU HAVE THE ENERGY, take it up with your councillors and INSIST.

Doh. I stocked up a few mths before they brought the new ruling in, and I noticed recently, they were already 18months into their use by date. Such a con

i ended up giving away about 20 x 2 hour passes a few weeks ago, to my carpenter

may e I should have hassled the council

Hi, I am doing some urgent work to my sister's house (she is disabled ) and I live aboard and just arrived after 1 year due to covid .Only have 1 hour vouchers (5 left) and need one day ones.  Does anybody have any? It's urgent as work starts tomorrow  Cannot even attempt to work out how new scheme works as too stressed ! Grateful for any advice 



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