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Anyone experienced Virginmedia broadband problems.    Looks like they’ve had major outage issues in  N4 ‘area 15’.   Not sure if I can take much more of their poor service - it’s been up-and-down for days.   Customer Services said there would be intermittent probs until 6th Aug with engineers working on faulty cables.  Anyone have EE?

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Yes we’ve had no broadband all afternoon

It's been an on-going problem here in N15 since lockdown (and before that I seem to remember) but I'm reluctant to switch to another (Openreach) provider. I can't get the fancy mobile thing in my area :(

Hol members have been reporting problems and poor service since at least 2010.

YOu should find out from VM why your area is so badly served by them.

In N17 I have rarely experienced serious or prolonged outages with this service provider. Been with them since 2009. So much so that I have ditched my TV box and now exclusively on streaming.

They usually price gouge though, and you have to go in with 'agressive' bargaining psychology to get the price reduced, or held, or to extract extra service at the same price.

This year they say they won't raise thier prices for rest of year i.e COVID reality is biting = cynical commercial reality.

Often it's their DNS servers that go offline (the service that translates domain names like google.com into an IP Internet address) - the internet connection still works.

Next time it happens, try changing your computer's DNS to point to something like google DNS,

But I agree, their service is pretty abysmal. Shame they're the only ones offering fibre.

I am with EE and am very happy with their service.constant fast speed and good customer service.



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