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Just wanted to see if anyone else in the area is having issues with Virgin Media, we've had no broadband or tv for four days?!

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Fine for me in Falkland Rd

Yep, same here, thIs happens all the time, they truly are useless. It was about a week and a half I think last time.

It is 100% impossible to find out anything from them too.

Given the amount of bad publicity on here, I cannot understand why people use Virgin.

100, 200, 300 Mb!!!!!

Nobody else gets close to this because the others have to use the local telephone loop to get to your house which is nasty old unshielded copper.

Good point. But a potential 300 Mb is not much compensation when you have an outage lasting a week. I get my television free with a bit of bent metal on the roof

Things I hope for in the future:

1. No cars parked on the street

2. No bits of bent metal on top of Victorian houses.

This way I can pretend I'm Sherlock Holmes when I leave the house.

Using the puny 2-5Mb on TalkTalk/the local loop is frustrating if you want to Netflix binge.

I don't have Virgin TV but their internet works pretty well.  Looking at the wifi for my building everyone uses them - that's why I chose them too.

I'm in N15.

Same here. I called them the last three days and each day they say it'll be up by 9:30 pm without fail.

They offered me a refund for the inconvenience - a princely sum of £4. Not sure how I'm going to spend it yet.

When I asked about cancellation they said if I didn't have a coaxial able fitted then it would cost me more to cancel in the long run than to just stick with them - they clearly seem confident that they've cornered the market! :D
Yep. Same on Venetia Road. Just awful.

BT seem uninterested in attracting VM customers. Their packages just don't match. Who in their right mind still offers monthly download limits? BT! Of course all the companies offer new customers much better deals than current cudtomers, which is plain wrong. 

I have been with BT since dial-up days - 18 years here - and, touch wood, in all that time have had only one outage. I contacted BT last year because I was nowhere near my monthly download limit at the time and they lowered my limit and my monthly payment.

You get what you pay for. I assume Virgin are extremely cheap

BT offered to match what Virgin was offering - but it's cable to cabinet and also the connection is on the other side of my living room and therefore less convenient!



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