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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

At least in Fairfax Road - any idea why, or how extensive this is?  Also, I have had problems with the Tivo box - anyone else?

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All ok in Hewitt as of now. Try @virginmedia on Twitter. They respond at least.

I'm affected by this too, also on Fairfax road. This is ridiculous.

Yes, we've been down since midnight Wednesday. Fairfax Road. They told me 75 houses are having the same problem..,

While the boss is away... (Sunning himself on the beach with Obama).

Well that passed me by. Interesting last sentence. RB gets £10m per year simply for them keeping 'Virgin' in the title.

I'm on Falkland and mine was intermittent for the last few days but seems to have cleared up now.

I say a Virgin guy working on the cabinet at the top of Falkland Thursday a.m - hope he hasn't pulled the old Falkland / Fairfax switcharoo otherwise I guess it'll be pistols at dawn etc.

UPDATE: Virgin now estimating Wednesday evening for the repair - a whole week without cable in Fairfax Road. The upside is that I am learning a lot about online freeview, all4 and iplayer etc thanks to BT!

I'm on Fairfax and yeah, rubbish Virgin is not gonna fix the broadband nor tv until wednesday atleast, they say now. But I guess then we'll get a new text saying next week. I'm ever so tired of this appaling services.. Over a week without tv or internet and now even the phone is dead. Grrr.... I really am thinking if Sky wouldn't be a better option?

the latest update why it's taking so long to fix is. The cable in the ground at wightman road has burnt out and Virgin media are waiting for Haringey council to approve temporary 3 way light traffic light plus allow them to dig up the road to get to the cable.

This could be Package 6 - a solution which basically leaves everything as is, but attempts to reduce traffic by ensuring at any one time there is always a stretch of Wightman being dug up by one of the infrastructure providers. (I think I saw National Grid at the south end a couple of days ago, so Virgin may have to wait their turn).

Virgin media told me to contact the council to complain to get the approval for traffic control speeded up. They couldn't give me any date it would be fixed in the near future. I reckon this is going to go on for ages.



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