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we live on the ladder and have just lifted the floor up and found some lovely victorian tiles. Some of these are in a really poor state and some parts are completely missing but we'd love to try and restore them. Does anyone have/know anyone who does have any spare from a floor they have lifted or want to get rid of? has anyone restored their tiles and have any advice on going about it?? I've attached a pic of the pattern if this looks familiar, any help would be greatly appreciated 







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If you have DIY in mind, we had a few missing tiles and got them made by Original Features in Crouch End. They also stock restoration products.

Hello Leanne, we have a tubful of original tiles that we couldn't relay in our hall. They look similiar so you're welcome to come and have a look and take what you want. I live on Seymour road, private message me for full contact details.



Hi Sandi, sounds great, i've added you as a contact so i can private message you, thanks, leanne

You could check out these guys http://www.tiledperfection.com/index.html

I haven't used them, got their card from somewhere when we were thinking about getting our hallway cleaned up properly, but our tiles not too bad and we have never got round to doing anything about them....!

great, thanks for the info! le 

I have tried Original Features but they said they only do big jobs ( had been working in V and A! ). They gave me name of a guy- Brian- who was great. He is busy so we had to wait but he is reliable and very competent. Tel 07956147983


thanks! I spoke to him today, fingers crossed, leanne

Hi LE, we're also looking at having ours done.  How was your experience?  Thanks!

To buy modern copies of the tiles, including the decorated acrostic ones, there's a place just off the Tottenham one-way that will order them in for you. www.carvallgroup.com  They do just about all of the usual colours.

If you havent yet found a builder, I know one who can do this, PM me as he's hard to contact direct.

I've just added the "encaustic tiles" tag under your post, Click on it for a couple of similar threads.

You can even try eBay, you can find some at good price from time to time.

Hi Leanne, Original Features http://originalfeatures.co.uk/shop-home-page-victorian-tiles-wallpa... have a lot of useful information about restoring these Victorian tiles, they also have a great range of colours so you are likely to find an exact match to the ones you have. Here is a link to FAQ section http://originalfeatures.co.uk/victorian-floor-tiles/tile-frequently...."



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