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Hello, we're keen to restore our Victorian hallway in Allison Road, but are missing around 30% of the tiles. We'd love to find some more that are as similar in colour and style as possible. Anyone got some they are wto sell or donate?
Imattaching a pic of ours, but will consider non identical rules too, as long as they are in keeping with the general look. Thanks

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You could try Stoneage in Crews Hill. I've been there a couple of times and they seem to have a fair few (good to ring first). I'd recommend taking one of your existing ones with you as they vary in thickness, modern encaustic tiles are sometimes thinner.

Thanks so much! V helpful!
Hi Jo,
I'm also on Allison Road and I have a very similar, though not identical pattern. I salvaged some tiles from a broken front path that was about to be concreted over by some hasty builders. I've taken the ones I need to complete the pattern in my hallway (which is about 5-10%) missing but have a box full of others too which I was planning on keeping for spares. Doubt they'd cover 30% of a whole hallway but you'd be welcome to come round and see if they are what you are after. I'm here this weekend. N
Thanks so much for your reply. Have sent u a Pm. Best, jo
Hi Nick, I've sent you a connection request as I'm hoping you might still have a few of these tiles left....



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