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Victorian Door ( Pine interior) with modern 9 panel stained glass(blue stars at corners) for sale

I have a stripped pine wood beautiful Victorian (interior) door for sale.

The bottom is solid with two raised cricket bat panels. The top is glazed with 9 panels with the tradition blue star in each corner. The glass is too clear to be original but the colours are nice.

Size and photos on request.

Buyer would have to arrange (weekend) collection.

Reason for sale is our lovely Haringey council officials want me to rip out original house features to replace them with repro fire door. Even though the house has lasted 140 years.

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hello there - i'm looking for a glazed door - please send me a photo and sizes - i've sent you a friend request.  thanks! Nick

Interested. Will send you a pm.


I’ve sent a friend request.

thank you.


Some pictures attached.

Door is approx 197 x 76 but not an exact rectangle. It has had two high quality repairs. One around the lock and another at the top of the frame.



HI Clyde, I've sent a PM.



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