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While there is no reason why a registered disabled person shouldn't have a very nice car, I did a bit of a loose survey while walking around the Gardens and Ladder roads over the last couple of weeks.

I counted 26 different cars parked up with blue disabled badges around the area. They were almost exclusively Range Rovers, large white Audi's, 5 series BMW's and even one Porsche!

Life is either getting a bit better for disabled people in London (which would be great) or something is afoot.

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You know, this is a tricky one isn't it. I like the Blue Badge scheme, and it is spot on that more vulnerable members of our community should be supported through schemes like this. However. I have also often had the same observation about Range Rovers and the like. 

I often see what appear (and i admit I use the word appear) to be perfectly healthy young and middle aged men (usually) off for a kebab, a shave or a hair cut using these badges. It does not mean there is no legitimate reason for these individuals to have blue badges, but I wonder when I see things like this about increases in blue badge thefts locally.

I do also wonder though if there is perhaps a family member that the badge is for, and in fact what is happening is they are just not being used appropriately... Ie, only when the relevant family member is present. 

The question is, how can this be better policed to make sure (1) only the right people have a blue badge in their vehicle and (2) that the badge is used only when the person the badge is relevant to is present?

You could also probably add a third question of how we can stop corruption in Haringey Council.

That I have no evidence of, but maybe it happens...?

Could you specify exactly what corruption you are referring to, who it involves, and what has been the response when you raised it with your local councillors? 

The BBC covered it, here.

This story has absolutely nothing to do with the Blue Badge scheme.

It was corruption in Haringey council around parking that was being asked about.

I reckon it’s taken out in the name of a genuinely disabled family member. Seen multiple high spec mercs, range rovers etc. on the ladder also. 

If anyone has ever tried actually applying for a Blue Badge they will know how strident and locked down the application process is.  I would add that many Blue Badge holders do not have visible disabilities.  I have a friend who has a prosthetic leg who is constantly challenged about parking using her blue badge.  Anyone who has one will tell you that they would not allow anyone to use their badge for fear of losing it. 

And those are very fair points Antoinette, which is why I was trying to be very cautious in my own word choise. That said, I think there can be times when it appropriate to question if the scheme is working appropriately and to ask where the checks and balances are...

You might have spotted my Ford Fiesta sporting a Blue badge. :-)

'twas ever thus.



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