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Is anyone else getting this problem?  Every since they went onto fortnightly rubbish collections, the dustmen have managed to miss emptying my food waste bin about one time in three.  I email; I get a reply saying they'll do it in 24 hours; it doesn't happen; I make formal complaint.. You get the picture.  This time it's been 6 days, with a reminder from me every working day.  I assume they have no intention of making an extra collection, & just leave it till the next week, in spite of what they say on the website.  Apologies if this has been dealt with before on here - but it doens't get any better!

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I am on the ladder. Hampden Road.

I'm on Clarence Road; but it seems clear it's not just here.  I think we all understand that the bin-men may make an occasional mistake; it's the 24-hour guarantee and the daily apology with no action that are infuriating.  It's now a whole week for the collection I complained about: I assume it may go today.  Not good for food waste, & even worse once the weather gets hotter.

I am so fed up with this! We are a family with young kids (i.e. nappys that stink!) and a dog and they always seem to miss our bin. I have been in London a long time and have lived in many different councils and have never had this problem. I only have one bin so the rubbish is now over the top...where do I even put it? They never seem to miss the recycling. Why is that? Can we collectively complain? How? 

They often only empty one of our two recylcing bins. I have also requested a garden waste bag 3 times this year and it has still not arrived...

I've not had a problem; 100% success rate week after week, fortnight after fortnight with all collections.

As someone else posted, the problem is that in order to get the contract, Veolia underbid. The result is the schedules they have the lorries and crews on is impossible, so they cut corners all the time. I've seen how fast the crews are working, and I don't know how they manage it for so many hours every day.

Funnily enough I was just on the phone to them this week about this issue. I called them last year and lodged a complaint about the food waste bin being repeatedly missed. I think it must have got better but then it's gone back to how it was again so I called and had a lengthy conversation with Veolia person. She said she would escalate the complaint to ensure that something is done about it. Our experience has been that they do come and collect promptly in response to a complaint - I just don't want to have to call to ask every time. I had assumed that the reason they don't do it is because hardly anyone on our street (Oakdale Road) seems to put out their food waste. I'd like Haringey to put more effort into education about the importance of recycling etc, and even sanctions if need be for people who don't do it. But it seems that it's not a very high priority if they can't even be bothered to collect it.



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