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Is anyone else getting this problem?  Every since they went onto fortnightly rubbish collections, the dustmen have managed to miss emptying my food waste bin about one time in three.  I email; I get a reply saying they'll do it in 24 hours; it doesn't happen; I make formal complaint.. You get the picture.  This time it's been 6 days, with a reminder from me every working day.  I assume they have no intention of making an extra collection, & just leave it till the next week, in spite of what they say on the website.  Apologies if this has been dealt with before on here - but it doens't get any better!

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Hi, they have missed mine a couple of times. Now I put it so it's still on my property but also almost on the pavement so they literally can't miss it and I've not had a problem since. They are very very quick on my street and mine is only one of a few they collect and I am pretty sure this is because not many people are using the food bins for some reason.

Oh yes, hit rate of about 1 in 3 sounds about right for us, too.   Hope they have this sorted before the next heatwave is all I can say...

100% success rate if I put it on the path, 25% if left next to the dustbins.

Mine is right by the front gate, and they still only empty it occasionally, presumably when they feel like it.

Mine too.  I assume they're on an impossible timetable and just rush; but that doesn't excuse the management decisions.

Do you think it's actually not (or no longer) a priority for them? Has it worked out more expensive than originally thought, or something? Tbh that's the impression that the infrequency of the collections tends to give. 

Yep, same here. Hardly no pick up ever if left where it normally is (some four yards away from the street), plus the 24-hour promise is just that – a promise.

In recent months we've moved it half way closer to the street and it seems to be picked up now.

I don't particularly like that it's always right in our face now when we come back home, but at least Veolia can't ignore it either.

yep, that's exactly what they do with mine too, and exactly how they respond (or not respond) when I complain. Can't be bothered covers their attitude quite well.

We have many misses too.

Thanks to everyone for highlighting this problem which appears to be ongoing.  Can you let me know which roads are affected and approx house numbers (just a range will do so I can get specific action) please.  Feel free to DM me or you can email me on karen.alexander.haringeylibdems@gmail.com

The service Veolia is providing in this respect just isn't good enough and I will get on to them and the council to get things sorted out.

I think it's a problem everywhere Karen...doesn't seem to be confined to specific roads or even wider areas. The way it tends to be tackled is very 'locally' focused (Veolia will ask your house number etc to ensure they get it on the next collection) but I really think a wider approach needs to be taken.

Karen, it seems to be a problem everywhere. The missed bins, teamed with Veolias lack of response and unwillingness to come back and collect. It's not roas specific, it seems to happen across the board. I'm in Crouch End, and it's happened way too many times, so not just Harringay.



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