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Hello All,

This is my first time on the site and am really glad I found it!

Does anyone know of a suitable space locally that could work as room to teach yoga from?

I live locally and teach a weekly yoga class at Fitness First Harringay and am looking to a find another space to teach a weekly class from, ideally on a Thursday evening or Saturday morning and that charges by the hour.

I would be very grateful for any ideas and suggestion.

Many thanks


ps. I teach Ashtanga Yoga every evening Monday from 8.35pm-9.35pm
This is a slower approach to Ashtanga Vinyasa, with an emphasis on establishing sound foundations and practising with mindfulness to honour the body, mind and soul.
The class is open to non members as well as members, £6 and £3 respectively.

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You could look at this as a possibility or ask Rev Ige about the space in the church on Green Lanes between Allison and Beresford.

You might also be able to talk to these folk. You should be able to contact them through Marc or Ruth
Thanks for the info Hugh. I quite like the sound of the space above the library. I will enquire about it.

Have a super day!
hi there
I attend a yoga class in St Pauls church hall on a Tues evening. its at the top of Cavendish road. I guess the teacher of this class rents by the hour maybe so might be worth asking there?
Yoga seems to becoming very popular which is a good thing! good luck
thank you all for the information!

Tom, I have enquired about the hidden space venue but they don't have any availability.

And Ruth, I will look into St Pauls too, if there is a yoga class there already, it must be a suitable venue!

thanks again!



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