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Anyone want venetian blinds for a bay window? They are in fairly good condition, but we've just installed roman blinds. One long (about 95 cm) and two short (about 65 CM) all about 200CM tall. They go to the tip tomorrow if I don;t get any takers...

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Hi there we have a bay window and I've been thinking of trying some Venetian blinds. If you have no takers I can probably take thrm off your hands.
Tried adding as a friend and sending a personal message but to no avail. E-mail me on adrian.anastas@btinternet.com and I'll drop them round.
HI Adrian, Do you still have them ?
Sorry Stu, Sue has them now
No probs, thanks for the reply :)
Hey if Suzzane doesn't take them let me know. I've just moved into a room with a bay window but the curtains are horrible pink things. Blinds would be much better..



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