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anyone know a good vegetarian restaurant in the area or within a few miles radius? Looking for something decent quality and higher. Thank you 

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If you fancy Indian, there's Jai Krishna on Stroud Green Road. IT's got a good set of reviews on Tripadvisor


Thank you. I'll look shortly ;-) 

Karamel in Wood Green


A bit far away but Rasa in stoke newington, the food is always delicious.

Jai Krishna also good

I really enjoyed The Gate on Upper Street. Not as cheap as the Indian options but really tasty food. And very good quality

High end, central, with vegan chef but not fully vegan, I’d go for http://www.gauthiersoho.co.uk/menu-3V.php

or somewhere local & less £££ https://www.mirandacafe.co.uk

or somewhere equally local, looks a bit more expensive but actually I’ve not been myself so it’s a wild card https://www.supplantfoods.co.uk

or Unity Diner is great for a cafe experience. Cook Daily for Asian food. The spread eagle for delicious comfort food in a vegan pub. 

My mum, at age 90, loved Miranda’s!

If you look on the PETA website there is a good discount for Gautier.

Jai Krshna has great food but seems to have got far too popular. If you can  find a quiet time it is great. If not they struggle to cope with the throughput

It's not a vegetarian restaurant, but Yaalu Yaalu, the Sri Lankan Restaurant on the Green Lanes offers a significant number of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The food is consistently fantastic, reasonably priced and the staff are lovely. 

Thanks for making this recommendation.  On the strength of it, we've just been to Yaalu Yaalu for the first time and the food was excellent; we'll go again.



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