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So, Historic England have released an incredible archive of US Airforce aerial photos from during and after WWII from across the UK. The archive linked to here also includes RAF images too.

They include this one from 1946 that shows what I assume are the temporary houses built on the V1 bomb site of Fairlands Park.

Something for the HoL archive Hugh!

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Thanks for sharing this, Justin.  It looks like an interesting collection. Your link seems to go somewhere other than you intended. It takes me a the general page. 

It seems that you can access the USAAF images via a dedicated map of through EH's general finder map. As far as I can understand it, the Fairfax photo is one of the RAF pics that have been online a while, which you've perhaps accessed via the general finder map. The USAAF images don't seem to cover London. The closest one seems to be around Petersham - which is a shame because they're very sharp images. 

You are right, maybe I should have been more specific. There are two links in the message Hugh, the first takes you to an Aerial Photo Explorer page that is mentioned in your image above where images of the whole UK can be found. I did not link to the USAAF ones specifically as I thought folks would miss that fact there were many others that were showing more extensive coverage another link down, that might also be interesting.

I was confused initially as to what I was looking at (USAAF and RAF images). The underlying USAAF image bank did not seem to have much over London, but the page I found the Fairlands image on looks like an amalgam of USAAF and UK photos.

Can you post a link to that specific picture, please. 

Right, try again.

This is the USAAF site with USAAF specific images. This is the link Hugh provides above. It is not as extensive as the next one, and I guess mainly covers areas where there was a large US presence, army in the West and air force bases in the East of the UK.

This site is the wider collection, including RAF & USAAF images. This has much greater coverage. 

I did not realise initially they were different, partly because the rubbish BBC news article I heard about this first in did not include a link and I had to hunt for where these images were- I and did not initially spot that the USAAF and wider collections were in fact different. Apologies.

Thanks - and this is the link to the image of the north part of the Ladder showing prefab homes on Sydney and Falkland/Fairfax. 

Don't even think of looking at this site if you have a life elsewhere,  it is absolutely fascinating and will devour weeks of time you can't spare. Take it from me, it is  just fascinating.. You've been warned..


Was looking at Ducketts Common and the bit on the north side of West Green Road - are they allotments?

Link us to the specific images you are talking about Nick, but I suspect the answer is yes- every bare bit of earth was turned over to food production- dig for victory. 

The UK, as a maritime nation, relied on overseas trade for a great deal of everything, including food. I seem to remember that the UK was not much more than 50% sufficient in food production, even at the peak of the war. This site is interesting, apparently at the start of the war we were only 30% self sufficient. 

It's the same picture Justin, bottom left corner. It certainly has the look of allotments - I wonder when it was changed back to an open space.

Ah, of course, I was looking on the other side at Fairlands. Yes, look very much like allotments. I suspect if we find one of Chestnuts it will be much the same. In fact, here you go, as predicted. Lordship Rec also gets the same treatment...

I cannot seem to be able to embed the image, so the link will have to do.

You are right! And you can see a bit of Downhills at the bottom of that pic - same!



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