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I just had a short phone call with Tony Kennedy, (Haringey's Group Manager Transport Policy and Projects) about progress on the Green Lanes Corridor work.

At this point the Council has contracted Halcrow, to undertake a traffic impact assessment on the options under consideration.

Currently these options are:

1. Work to change the traffic flow around Alfoxton Road, opposite the Queen's Head, as described in the  original "Duckett's Common" scheme.

2. The creation of a pedestrian crossing on Green Lanes, as described in the  original "Duckett's Common" scheme.

3. Creation of a diagonal crossing at the Salisbury Junction and re-opening the western end of St Ann's Road to two-way traffic.

4. Re-opening Harringay Road to two way traffic and associated works on Colina Road.

The budget is £1.2 - 1.3M to be spent over three years. If Option 1 were to be selected, this would use most of the funds.

The impact assessment will seek to understand how any changes will affect traffic in the local area and model possible options to relieve any negative impacts.

Tony is expecting Halcrow to report back in September and he hopes subsequently to report to the Cabinet member (Cllr Canver) and our local councillors in late November / early December. Following that a report will be made to the Green Lanes Strategy Group. If possible, the department is keen to start work early in the New Year.

It strikes me that this would be a perfect issue to bring to the new Area Forum and give local people a chance to input. I'm not suggesting that we restart the whole process, but I do feel strongly that local people should be given the chance to have a direct input on the decision and a significant influence on recommendations made.

I'm quite sure that David Browne and Nilgun Canver already have this planned. I'd welcome their input here to confirm the process for local people from here and the extent to which we can influence the final recommendation.

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From a personal point of view, and not that of the Met, I fully support Option 1 as described in the original plan and I feel this would solve the Frobisher/Green Lanes pedestrian crossing issue.


What about the wide pavements option south of Colina Rd or is that covered by another scheme, I for one, am getting confused.


The options I've given above are those that I understand are currently under consideration, from my call with Tony today. I've sent Tony a copy of this post and asked him if he wouldn't mind correcting any inaccuracies.

are the proposed imrovements around Sainsbury's also in option 1?


Can the blessed Adam of our HOL cyclists group advise on the implications for bikes of these schemes?  He is, to our great fortune, a bit of an expert.

No, not as I understand it. If you look at the first link in my post above, you'll see those separately detailed.
I've spoken with Tony and he's agreed to let us know if anything wasn't covered in our phone call this morning that needs to find it's way on to this thread.
Is the Western end of St Anns Road, our end at the Salisbury?  If so does anyone else think it would be great if the 41 bus could come up St.Anns making access to Crouch End easier from here??  At the moment we have to get two buses, paying twice for the pleasure of visiting those Crouchenders.

The 41 would never be re-routed  - It's just too established - serving WGR for over ninety years.

I could however evisage extending the W5 from Sainsburys to Turnpike Lane Station (the first possible turnaround point). This would provide Harringay (Central) with a bus service to Crouch End.


thats a good idea
The 41 is such a short route from Archway to Tottenham, one of the few buses that allow us to get around our own borough.  My winging about a bus that services our end of Harringay, is about reducing the need for poeple to use their cars to go on quick journeys within the borough.  It shouldnt cost you more and take longer to go to Crouch End then to go to the West End should it?
Ruth, I'll look into this.

oh no, please leave the W5 alone!

I really like being able to avoid T'pike Lane in going to Crouchie, if I am taking the bus. If that was re-routed, it would be snarled up in all the other buses going via T'pike Lane. More traffic and jams. 

It's not that far to walk to Crouchie anyway, which is free and pleasant enough. 

Ruth, an extension wouldn't effect current users at all.. But would open up the opportunity to ride on to St Ann's Road .. Giving all of Harringay a link to Crouch End (& Archway)


The chances of anything happening are 0 anyway.. It was just a 'loud thought'

Hugh, Tony told you that traffic modellings were still being done and there were no confirmed proposals. When we had a discussion at the last GLSG we gave steer to officers that we wanted the Frobisher Rd/Green Lanes crossing to happen (no matter what).

As soon as the modellings are done there will be proposals made to wider groups of people including the GLSG, HoL, all residents Associations, exhibition at the Library and the Area Forum. this year is allocated for this purpose and the implementation will begin in 2012/13. I am hoping that the consultation process will begin in October/early Nov.



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