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The message below was sent to a HoL member by Haringey's Head of Operations, Ann Cunningham, in response to an enquiry about the works on Wightman Road. It was dated 4th October.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, some features of the scheme such as the tree pits and part of the drainage system had to be revisited to comply with the most up-to date road safety and sustainability regulations and the contractor has been waiting the delivery of specific materials to undertake the work.

We have reviewed the scheme with our contractor and have programmed these works to recommence next week, it is now forecast that these additional works along with the programmed tree planting, will be completed by the end of November 2019.

The build outs (horse-shoe things) , once completed, will have a tree planted and complementary sustainable drainage feature included, to maximise absorption of water by the trees.  

We apologise for the delays to this scheme, and will endeavour to complete the outstanding works as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Many thanks to the original addressee for passing it on to me.

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Its like an obstacle course and I agree it is really dangerous. A nightmare to navigate - When you pull out to avoid the build outs you end up facing oncoming traffic no matter how slowly you drive and what happens at night? are the edges painted with white reflective paint? They should be. Where are car owners on Wightman now parking?

You can avoid the perceived obstacles on Wightman, issues with parking, contribution to the poisonous air our children breathe, and all associated costs by foregoing vehicle ownership altogether. The whole point of the redesign is to minimise traffic on that road - which appears to be working so I am inclined to read the negative sentiment among motorist as a positive endorsement of the redesign. 

Easy for YOU to say :(

Well I understand that people may have very legitimate reasons for owning a vehicle in London such as having a business need, a disability and so on. My comment is aimed at what appears to be the majority of car owners who don't fall into these categories.

Less traffic by making it more dangerous?!? I dont think that is a sustainable way to address this issue. Plus cyclists avoiding it as well. I don't see any real winners here

Motorists can be dangerous, the design is merely there to force them to conform to an etiquette that if ignored will cause an accident. 

And no sympathy for the person that gets run into by the driver that failed to conform ? And how is making a road too dangerous for cyclists going to help ?  

I think there is overwhelming consensus that the road is more dangerous than before. The frustration is that the Council didnt listen and continued while most here on HOL have voiced their concerns. How can we hold them accountable? 

We have Councillors whose job it is to represent us on the Council. Get on to them.

Hi John; I copied all thee councillors into my email to Anne including an follow-up email, I’ve heard nothing from them. Perhaps I will follow up. 

Thanks Cowper. Perhaps it would be better to send the mail to the councillors individually, rather than as a cc which may give the impression that they are afterthoughts for information only.



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