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The message below was sent to a HoL member by Haringey's Head of Operations, Ann Cunningham, in response to an enquiry about the works on Wightman Road. It was dated 4th October.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, some features of the scheme such as the tree pits and part of the drainage system had to be revisited to comply with the most up-to date road safety and sustainability regulations and the contractor has been waiting the delivery of specific materials to undertake the work.

We have reviewed the scheme with our contractor and have programmed these works to recommence next week, it is now forecast that these additional works along with the programmed tree planting, will be completed by the end of November 2019.

The build outs (horse-shoe things) , once completed, will have a tree planted and complementary sustainable drainage feature included, to maximise absorption of water by the trees.  

We apologise for the delays to this scheme, and will endeavour to complete the outstanding works as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Many thanks to the original addressee for passing it on to me.

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If you read the other threads on this forum you will come to the same conclusion. I dont ask you to agree with me. I am saying there is a broad consensus amongst residents. Jeez calm down already 

He's entitled to his own view but he's not allowed to express it ?

A bit dictatorial.

In my view Wightman is much more dangerous than before, particularly at night when vehicles swerve round the buildouts and their headlights shine directly into oncoming vehicles who then can't see the buildouts on their side. I have already drawn attention to the impossibility of safely exiting westward Ladder rungs onto Wightman.

At least I have a better basis for my claim than you because those "shouty" ppl are concerned residents who care about what is going on around here. Anyway fact remains the street is more dangerous and we have to do sth about it 

And what facts do YOU have to back up your opinion ?

"presumably the layout has been designed by people who have actual expertise in these matters" one would certainly HOPE SO but it really, really does look like this is the case. It's undoubtedly been made much much worse for cyclists. A shambles indeed. 

Agree with those that say the road is a total shambles. It is dangerous and looks like a child made it! 

Haha brilliant. Spot on

I’d add to the concern turning out of west-facing roads. We can argue all we want about more or less traffic, but turning Raleigh Road and Lausanne into totally blind junctions depending on the parking situation has unarguably made the road more dangerous. I hate it because I feel totally unsafe and I’m really worried I’ll get hit. In this respect, apart from the cycling situation the new layout is demonstrably worse and more dangerous than previously. 

As is the case with so much else, opinion seems pretty split. At a community event today, a straw poll gave unanimous support for the changes. Those I spoke to felt the new layout had both reduced the level of traffic and slowed it down. I have to say I'm inclined to agree.

Yes, there are bad driver who drive too fast and try to bully other drivers through the chicanes. For this reason it's not perfect, but I still think it's better.

One person commented on the difficulty she has with exiting on to Wightman. Two issues were mentioned. First was visibility, second was the need to pull into the lane of oncoming traffic to execute the turn. 

Most people don't cycle because they're too scared. A straw poll likely didn't include many cyclists. Unless it was a cycling community event?

To be fair, I think cyclists were adequately represented. I'm not defending the new layout as far as cyclist are concerned, just reporting it.

I suppose it depends where the participants of the straw poll live and their experiences ......



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