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Hello all - I'm looking to increase my rainwater collection capabilities and before embarking on buying a new water butt thought perhaps someone would have any unwanted ones? Thanks!

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What are they like and how do they connected to down-pipes? I might be interested in at least one. Do you have any photos, and where are they currently located?

Sorry about all the questions!



Lidl have them in the middle aisle at the moment - £20 I think. Definitely in stock at Tottenham Hale at the moment as I checked for a friend yesterday - she had tried other branches but not found one.

Thanks for the recommendations of where to buy them - I was just looking really on the off-chance that someone didn't want/need theirs and it could be recycled.

We have a large water tank (1000L) in the school garden we are getting rid off as we are setting up another tank as a water butt. Happy to pass it on for a donation to the school garden. I won't have photos and dimensions until next week through.

Hi Gillian thanks for that - 1000L might be a bit large but if you let me have the dimensions when you can I can have a look and see. What school is it?

Hi, I have done a quick Google search and similar tanks are 1m wide x 1.16m high x 1.2m depth. I attach a less that great photo from a few months ago. Since then the tanks have been emptied so we can move them and get new pallets to stand the one we are keeping. I will be in the school garden on Friday when I will be moving one of the tanks to the back and offer it for collection. I can give more details then. It is St Aidan's School. 


Ah yeah I thought it might be one of those, which is unfortunately a bit too big for the space I have but thanks so much for taking the time to let me know more about it and the photo.



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