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Shopping at Morrisons in Palmers Green today I noticed UCKG 'helping' people to pack on the tills.I questioned one person packing on my till about the validity of UCKG and my limited knowledge(that their owner is a billionaire) No response. Interested in anyone who can add to this and should I be complaining to Morrisons. They just have a charity bucket without explanation about where the money is going to. I know some here objected to it at Iceland. Any info please?

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Download their tithing book sometime, its a real eye opener. Even pensioners have to tithe. 

thanks for responses. I have emailed Morrisons. They didn't reply to a previous email on a different topic, so I hope others will consider complaining also. 

If you want to email Morrisons, the link on the website is just for online shopping. The correct email is customerservice@morrisonsplc.co.uk

They were at the tills in M&S Muswell Hill this morning.  I complained to the customer services desk but I think they just saw me as a crank.

I have now emailed MandS as well. Astonishing that they don't check out these people!

Hi Vaneska

I emailed MandS and they are not happy. They say they have no time for them and they are absolutely banned from their stores and are looking into this. Morrisons say they are looking into it.

If you have Netflix have a look at the series called 'Greenleaf'....

Very interesting on how some of these business 'churches' function, although it is more of an entertaning and sentimental (psycho)drama of a series!
You are right to complain. As you say UCKG is led by a billionaire and has been heavily involved in Brazilian politics. They propound 'prosperity theology'; i.e. the more you give to the church, the more God will bless you financially. Their publicity material focusses more on stories of the good things that happen to you when you use their specially blessed oil than it does on Jesus. I think stores ought not to trust them. (See Paul Freston's book 'Evangelicals & Politics in Latin America . . . " for information on their history)
Rev John Root
Well done.

After Christmas, i think i shall write to the MD's of all the major supermarkets and ask them to ban them too. I met two of them outside Finsbury park station today and had a pop about the church and was threatened with the police. When I asked to see their street collectors licence one of them refused to show me it as 'you ain't official' but the other one did.

UCKG are a dangerous religious cult. I remember UCKG collecting outside Iceland blocking the entrance, wearing silly christmas hats and singing Christmas carols at the top of their voices. I’m guessing they collect money without registering with the council and without the required licence. They always use unsealed buckets, which is not allowed.

They even managed to infiltrate Iceland to pack bags.They’d pounce on your shopping without asking and then expect you to give them money. Annoying as hell.

Here’s my experiences of going to the UCKG “HelpCentre” soup kitchen / food bank in Finsbury Park. UCKG use free food as bait to prey on vulnerable adults.

UCKG brainwash their 12 million members around the world to pay UCKG 10% of their income, what they call “tithe”, so that founder Edir Macedo and leaders can live in extreme luxury, while members get into debt to pay the tithe. 



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