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Having just walked out of Iceland as soon as I walked in, I wonder who thought it was a good idea to let members of the dangerous and sinister religious cult that is Unified Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) do a bag pack there?

If anyone does not not about this nasty mysogonistic and homophobic money making scam masquerading as 'relgion' then see here http://www.haringey.org.uk/content/religion and there are plenty of examples out there as well.

This manager is not currently available, so i shall be emailing Iceland HQ instead, but in the meantime if you are shopping in there, don't give money to them.

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Good letter, I hope you get a good response and this spread of UCKG bag packing activity is stopped. It should be on the news, Panorama even.... Clearly these big stores are not looking at who they are letting in to their stores under the guise of bag packing. It's very worrying. 

I may cut and paste your letter if you don't mind, if I have an experience of them anywhere. 

UCKG are a dangerous religious cult. I remember UCKG collecting outside Iceland blocking the entrance, wearing silly christmas hats and singing Christmas carols at the top of their voices. I’m guessing they collect money without registering with the council and without the required licence. They always use unsealed buckets, which is not allowed.

They even managed to infiltrate Iceland to pack bags.They’d pounce on your shopping without asking and then expect you to give them money. Annoying as hell.

Here’s my experiences of going to the UCKG “HelpCentre” soup kitchen / food bank in Finsbury Park. UCKG use free food as bait to prey on vulnerable adults.

UCKG brainwash their 12 million members around the world to pay UCKG 10% of their income, what they call “tithe”, so that founder Edir Macedo and leaders can live in extreme luxury, while members get into debt to pay the tithe. 



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