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Just want to recommend two guys called Tony and Paul who have done lots of work on our house for the last three years eg Installed a new shower room, a downstairs toilet, re-configured the kitchen, put a new fence up, diagnosed and cured problem with the drains.painted the whole house and put in a cat flap. To be honest, i don't think theres anything they can't do. Plus they are clean and tidy, 100% honest and, in our opinion, their prices are reasonable. We couldnt imagine using anyone else now and we often say how lucky we are to have been recommended them. They don't have a fancy website but Tony can be contacted on 07852307758.

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Thanks for the tip, Michelle. We have a 'to do' list as long as my arm for jobs round our house. I think it gets a bit overwhelming when you try to tackle them all yourself. Will be ringing them for a couple of quotes.

Michelle - Thank you for the recommendation. Like Sarah, we have a heap of things that need doing in our home, and although some are things I should be able to tackle myself, with others I feel overwhelmed contemplating them. It's good to hear about people who can do big or small things.

Hi Christopher

probably shouldn't have mentioned the cat flap as they did that whilst doing the major work. On the other hand, if you had a 'days worth' of small things doing then it would be worth their while leaving the house. But this is just my opinion;  best to check all this out with the guys themselves.



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