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I just received a letter (see attachment) from the Haringey Planning Service. It's about a planning application for a 2-bedroom house, to be built in a garden nearby.

Now I don't want to interfere with anybody's plans, but I can't help feeling that gardens are not houses for a reason, and exist for people to have a bit of outside space, for wildlife, providing drainage for rainwater (esp. in conditions where climate change is likely to cause more frequent flooding) etc. Looking up the application online, I also noticed that the people applying for it are not the ones living at the address. So it does look a bit like it might be an attempt by a landlord to cram in as many people as possible into a space that hasn't been constructed for it. It just generally doesn't strike me as a brilliant idea.

Anyway. Does anybody else have views on this, and what is the best thing to do? I do feel like I probably want to object, but would also like some opinions first, as well as what would be the best grounds on which to do so.

Thank you!

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Lets not all be quick to condemn and alienate a neighbour because they plan something that is legal for their life that we don't agree with. Living in cities on top of each other is a condition of city life hence the need for rules and regulations (rightly or wrongly in some cases) to govern such matters. People have a right to self determine the course for their life according to laws that govern temporal aspects. Bring the matter to those that judge such things but reframe from hatred and despising others because what determines and says you are a better person that the person you are condemning.

That’s a really good point. The planning docs say the main house is in use as an HMO, which means there are potentially several neighbours we may be condemning and alienating without hearing why they have self-determined to give up garden space for more people living on top of them. 

This is little to do with anyone self determining the course of their lives and more to do with greedy landlords squeezing as many people as possible into spaces for maximum profit, with little regard to the impact of those around them. It’s also the same house where they hacked down a beautiful mature oak tree a few years ago, which was loved by many of us in the community. 

I would encourage you to submit an objection! Mine is on there and I’d be happy for you to use the same arguments:

- loss of character of local area

- destruction of trees/garden life

- no provision for refuse disposal

See my post on the last page. When you can, it's always best object by reference to Haringey's DM policies. This application should be covered by DM7. 

Thanks Hugh! 

Thank you! What an impressive objection. Am about to crib lots of it... thank you!

Yes. I was so upset when that happened. It was an absolutely beautiful oak tree, and had been very well looked after (pruned regularly etc) before that, so it did come very much as a shock to me. I only learned of it the day after (I'd been away), but fear I would not have been able to do anything in any case. But it was pretty much the best tree in the neighbourhood.

It was really upsetting for a lot of people. And the way they just left the hacked up stumps lying around out front for ages just felt like rubbing our noses in it. I’m not sure what’s there in it’s place..  some sort of outbuilding? There are lots of “shed with bed” type places in gardens being rented out on the ladder as accommodation. Some houses on the ladder have so many extensions on extensions that there’s no garden left. I do feel so sorry for people with no alternative but to live in these kind of places. 

Example of super-extended house. 'Shed with beds' at top of satellite picture here. You can also see a new attic window at front, a new flat roof attic extension, attic window to rear and a new full-width ground floor rear extension with return. Remaining garden is a vestige. 

AirBnb was mentioned locally in 2019. And then...


Infill 33 Stanmore Road N15

Erection of new 3-storey dwelling adjoining to an existing Victorian end of terrace (Revision to previously approved scheme reference: HGY/2019/0943).

I’d have thought that was quite different. That one is alongside an exiting house within the exiting building lines. 



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