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''Twitter's for twats. You can overcommunicate; we're communicating piffle. You don't need to tell everyone you've just had a crap ....''

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Ahhh the sexist queen of generalisations, why did they have to spoil that picture if a classic Vespa Special by dumping a bitter hypercritical journo on it. She is the very reason I stopped buying the IOS.
And another example of someone who doesn't know how to use Twitter. She and many others are losing out. Doesn't she get that just because Sammy Schoolboy uses a pen and paper to write "Tommy Tucker's a nutter" or some such drivel, doesn't mean that a pen and paper can only be used or is only used for such puerile rantings?
Actually I did read an interview a couple of years ago when she was singing it's praises - maybe she just got bored of it and moved on to one of her other many fads?
All I can do is pity anyone who thinks that.

Most of what Porter knows can be written on the back of an envelope. The rest is unsubstantiated opinion and pretty heavy in the sexism as Birdy says. Shame you had to give it coverage really. Would you have linked to a man writing such sexist garbage?
I would have thought Matt, that twitter was one of the easiest, cheapest ways for people like you and me to keep in touch with friends far away.. and not in a formal letter (email) way.. not to mention finding out snippets that probably wouldn't be thought worthwhile to mention in a regular way....

I remember you saying the same about iPods.. I wouldn't be without my iPod .. and I'm probably one of the few listening to the Archers podcast on the Berlin underground.. and twitter keeps me up to date too..
You listen to the Archers! Well I never. Such urban cool Stephen.
Perhaps I've been away too long ... Such urban cool Stephen. Can you translate that into English please..?
Anyway I'm not sure how you imagine me, but as I've told John D before you, 'you don't know the half of it..' :o)
I think her gender is irrelevant, she’s just big on generalistions and annoying folk ironically like her biggest enemy, Clarkson.

Twitter for me may very well be useful to many as are various other social networking platforms, but like Facebook and even forums like this, I much prefer the real life and do not have the time or inclination to open another door that may well sap up more of my time.
Cold turkey for a Facebook addict.

To quote;

I'd done it. My (virtual) life was over. After two years on the online social networking site Facebook, I'd taken the plunge and killed off my account - in Facebook speak, I was "deactivated".

... over two years, I'd turned into a Facebook fiend ... What had been my favourite waste of time had morphed into a demanding and anti-social addiction.

Maybe Porter's an ex-Facebook addict.
Remember that big earthquake on fiordland a couple of months ago? Twitter was way ahead of every other news source as south islanders tweeted away on real time. I was sold. Not so keen on people I follow who tweet for the he'll of it but plenty of people I do follow are very good tweeters.
Get the point about the news source but what's this craze with people following (what they think are) celebrities tweetering? I know of someone joining Obama's wittering thingy and actually believing Obama had time to do this! I think Porter is trying to say 'this is time wasting and silly'.
A lot of drivel is spoken about Twitter from both the evangelists and the Daily Mail 'end of civilisation as we know it, what's wrong with a quill pen' brigade, but like most tools, practice makes perfect.

Sending short messages, opinion etc. is a very old practice by the way all that is new is the technology, the impulse is as old as literacy

"edwardian twitter



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