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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Turnpike Lane, as interpreted by a 1970s German/English prog band

Odin. Not one of the more successful prog rock outfits of their time, but one who appreciated their Harringay crossroads. Their local opus now available for the world to listen to through the power of YouTube.

The area obviously left them lost for words...

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Excellent. We can sing it as our national anthem. At least it's slightly more cheerful than Mark Knopfler's tribute.


Are there any songs with Harringay in the lyrics?
Yes there is. From the fantastic album by Jah Wobble, 'Take me to God'. The song I love Everybody has the line; 'A sanitary inspector from the London borough of Haringey and Brahmin stands resplendent before me'.

Hear it here at Youtube. Best hearing the whole album. It's brilliant.

More about the artist here.
and I found this....

a band called 'The Clientele' have done a song called 'Losing Haringey', heres the link


seems like they are doing very well in the US but not so over here

Background music to a sit down Jashan curry
Top marks for your tags.
Another possibly more-well known local pop link:


Four years later and a reply via Twitter (Do tweets really live that long !):

"This video is unavailable". Or is it this one? http://bit.ly/1nmrIQN

By accident I got three copies playing - starting at different times. Sounds better.

In the comments I notice that: Abrohill said "Hippies de miedo. Good".  While Midnight James81 said: "Finally, I've been waiting for this =) Thank's". 

Abro and Mid needed the track for their wedding.



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