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Turkish Solidarity Protest in Harringay as Taksim Square Cleared

Despite a police ban, more than 2000 protestors marched through Harringay last night as news of events in Istanbul filtered through.

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And not a drop of tear gas in sight.


Apparently, organisers dealing with the police in Haringey were told that a planned solidarity march in north london would not be authorised.

Finsbury Park Gates at Manor House have become a semi-permanent Kurdish political encampment. There is another group who've pitched camp after the PKK did their long stint. I know this is a free country, 'an all that, but the semi permanence of the political encampments is an irritation. Would any UK political party be allowed such rights of encampment? There are a number of fine Kurdish meeting places in various Boroughs that I'm sure would support such activities on their premises. By the way spoke with both Haringey and Hackney on phone about permissions for this and each said it was up to the other. Can anyone enlighten? Re the solidarity march in Green Lanes pure gratuitious self indulgence. If you want to make a serious point and brave a bit of kettling why didn't the organisers not go to the Turkish Embassy. Unless it's moved recently it's not in Green Lanes is it?

Good points! Nobody moves them on because they're too scared to obviously. It certainly can't be that they're indulging an ethnic minority can it?

What time was this? I didn't hear it or see it ?

Solidarity with Taksim Sq and Gezi Park occupiers, and the resistance throughout Turkey

On Saturday 15th June in the early evening 3,000-4,000 people marched through North London in solidarity with the Taksim Square occupation and the street protests and occupations all over Turkey. The London marchers of all ages, mostly of Turkish and Kurdish background, but also many others, marched from Manor House to Haringey Civic Centre in Wood Green in defiance of police saying it would not be authorised. Police completely kept away.

At the end, there was a rally with speeches in the local park opposite the Civic Centre. As well as the speeches from a range of turkish political and cultural organisations, there were speeches from reps of the Haringey Trades Union Council and the London Green Spaces Friends Groups Network.

As the rally drew to a close those present became aware that Turkish government forces had started a brutal assault on Taksim Sq, and there were calls for international solidarity.

See appeal from Day-Mer below..

Haringey Solidarity Group

Thank you, Dave, for this clear report.  I think newcomers to the area may not be aware that Haringey is known to many Londoners as 'Little Turkey'.  Many (though not all) of the Turkish and Kurdish residents here are refugees who have been persecuted and tortured, and who have family still living in Turkey.  They must be very worried by what is going on there.  Under the circumstances, it seems natural and not in the least self indulgent that there should be a solidarity march here.  As a community we are, in my opinion, greatly enriched by the presence of Turkish, Kurdish and many diverse groups in this area.  Lets be positive and support them!!

(Dave, I couldn't find the Day-Mer appeal.  Can you post it again. Thanks.   Susan) 

Newcomers may also not know that the area you have in mind, I think, is Harringay not Haringey.

Thanks Hugh.  After 24 years I still confuse the spellings!



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