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Can anyone help.

I'm building a website and trying to attach my website name but having difficulties because i am techno-iliiterate. i've been online seen youtube tutorials etc.

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It depends on what you're building a website for, but my experience (admittedly quite tech-literate, but I think it is good for most levels) is with Wordpress. It's good, it's free (apart from hosting & domain costs, which are minimal) and it's so well-used that you'd be hard-pressed to find a question that hasn't been answered. Here's a good guide to getting started.

thanks SF but i am a bit further along than that.

Could you be explain further what you're struggling with?
What do you want to "attach your website name" to? And what are you building your website with (e.g. Wordpress, Wix)?

What you seem to need is a domain name and a host. There are providers for both services such as godaddy. What did you use to build your website?

Hi. thanks for your help.

i used '123-reg' to build the website and hired the domain name from 'heartinternet'.

i can't manage to connect the domain name to the website i had built.

Hi Jim, 

To clarify (as both Heart Internet & 123-reg provide both these services), did you purchase hosting with 123-reg and purchase the domain name from HI?

If that was the case, follow the instructions here to change your name servers at HI - you'll need to get your name servers (also called DNS or CNAME) from 123-reg, which I think these instructions should help with (but I don't have hosting with 123-reg so I can't log in to check for sure).

thank you six

If you want to get into it further, you could use Cloudflare.com as your DNS provider (use their nameservers). They are a very big provider and have all you need in their free plan.



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