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Seems a shame after the nice comments just recently.

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As you said on the other thread Hugh, "use it or lose it". Is it simply that the local traffic doesn't exist, and Green Lanes' reputation for being primarily (exclusively?) a destination for Turkish cuisine means anything else is just squeezed out? I can't think of that last time a non-food/drink venue opened and had good success, except perhaps Savers? :/

I'm sorry he's had to close down but I feel like taking issue with locals for not supporting it is a bit unfair. I went in a few times to look and never saw anything wanted to buy, and these were not cheap 'impulse purchase' prices either. Isn't that kind of an important issue for retail?

As much as I want to support local businesses, if the stock is not what I want to buy, or it isn't displayed in a way that entices me into the shop in the first place... that's £60 to £80 for something I don't actually want.. just so the streetscape has some variety - really?

It's a difficult spot for that kind of business anyway as you need massive footfall for an occasional purchase item like shoes and most people walking past are doing it in the evening - commuting or going for aforementioned food - when the shop is closed anyway - how was this ever going to end differently?

Pity. I bought several pairs of shoes from Troys and while not bargains, they were good quality. Some of the problems in sustaining non-food specialist outlets on Green Lanes have already been mentioned but it might have helped a bit if the shop front had a more attractive and not temporary look. 

Despite all the signs saying it was closing just noticed a sign on the window today saying it will reopen on 1 Mar!

Change of management and direction I think. They sold off the old stock (at very good prices) and are now restocking but I was told it wouldn’t just be shoes when they re-open. 



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