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Trehantiri Greek & Arabic Music shop (previously at 365-367 Green Lanes)

Shortly after moving to the area (just off Green Lanes) around 4 years ago I read about Trehantiri Greek & Arabic Music shop, which boasted of having the "LARGEST SELECTION OF GREEK MUSIC IN THE WORLD". Well I nearly fell off my chair at the time as I'm a fan and modest collector of folk/traditional music from Greece and also the middle east and despite having lived just down the road in Hackney for 5-ish years at that point had never known of it's existence and now I found I was literally living within a couple hundred meters of this shop! Anyway I'm pretty sure I immediately ran down to Green lanes to find it was no longer there, I was of course gutted.

I've thought of it often since then and have built up this near mythical image of this record shop, so I was wondering did any forum users ever frequent this shop? When did it shut? Who ran it? And what did they go on to do afterwards? And did it stock vinyl?

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I have no intel on this but I will send you a connection request so I can tell you about some Cretan music collected in the early '60s (if you're interested).

I went in there a few times as I am a record collector but it wasn't the sort of stuff I'm into. It was definitely pretty full of CD's. I believe it's now the 'Re-Style' barber shop. There was also one on Wightman Road, on the corner of Atterbury. I have a feeling that one was Albanian music however. Blokes in blacked out Audis would pull up periodically and come out with an armful of CD's. It's now an office with nothing in it.

I don't recall the date from memory. But using Google Maps history, I can see that it was still operating in late 2008.

The Sept 2009 image looks from the shadows like it was taken late in the day. So it's difficult to say if the shop was shut down by that time or simply closed for the night.

Two shots in 2011 suggest it was probably closed by then and by midsummer 2012, the premises was trading as the eastern European supermarket Ciacho. (A post on HoL suggests that opened in March 2012 and refers to the "the empty Trehantiri shop", which suggests that it had lain empty for quiet some while.

So it looks like it closed down in 2009/10.

Thanks to all who replied to this, interesting to hear about the history of the place, sounds like a unique and great shop, what a shame it's no longer there!

I went browsing there several time after moving to the area, and bought the occasional CD. They really did have an amazing selection and were very knowledgeable.

I also remember looking at the World Music section at Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus and seeing CDs that had been imported by Trehantiri. A guy I knew who ran a record shop in Bern, Switzerland, used to come to Harringay to stock up on his World Music selection.

I would guess that members of family who owned the shop still live locally and may still own the freehold, and I'm sure many HoL members know much more about this shop than I do, did and ever will.

It was a huge loss when it went, as it was truly unique.

It was unique.  Although I only used to go there for guitar strings. Lots of  varnished stringed instruments on the walls. It does not feel as long ago as ten years  that it shut down.  I think it was run by 2 brothers and the one that was more lynchpin died. His brother was obviously very upset and I just got the impression that his heart wasn’t in it any more.  

There is a telephone number on the (unmaintained) web site www.greekmusic.co.uk. Worth a try. 

Thanks to all posters for sharing this little piece of recent Harringay history. 

There is a connection with LGR I think,.  (finchley)  try them..



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