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The following dropped into the mailbox yesterday.

Dear Hugh

I am writing regarding the urgent tree removals on Harringay Ladder; two on Fairfax Rd and two on Beresford Rd.

All four trees were in a state of decline and were in an advanced stage of being colonised by decay fungi (the tree outside 33 Beresford was already dead) but more importantly, they had all become unstable in the ground and therefore potentially dangerous. This was only brought to light by an ad-hoc inspection whilst in the area on 17/11/22. The trees were tagged with an identification number but unfortunately, I did not have any 'Tree Removal' notices with me. I should have returned on the next day to attach notices but was unable to due to other demands.

I felt it was imperative these trees were removed without delay because of the potential damage that could occur, particularly now the weather is changing for the worse. I instructed our contractors to complete the work as soon as possible. Local councillors were also informed. 

I hope this explains the swift action that was taken. It was never intended to cause any distress or upset but was done only in the best interests of safety.

Replacement trees will of course be planted. 

Kind regards

Ian Williams

Arboricultural Officer 

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