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The Tough Mudder event, which is  taking place in Finsbury Park this weekend, consists of  running routes and assault course challenges spread over many areas of the park. From the pictures, the aim seems to be to get as mud-covered as possible. Tickets cost £100.

While it's great that people use the parks for exercise and relaxation, a large number of people running together on already soggy ground is going to cause serious damage to the grass and woodland of the park, just as it's coming into it's most beautiful season. The muddy fallout from a similar event on Hampstead Heath last year took many months to recover, and our park is significantly smaller.

It breaks my heart how little the council prizes our natural green spaces and is willing to sacrifice them in this way in order to make money, even under the aegis of 'health and wellbeing.'

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Couldn't use what3words as I was using a real camera, but thanks for reminding me about what3words.

Fixmystreet done.  Biggest problem is that the map used doesn't show the paths so it is hard in some cases to show accurately where the problem is.  In addition the Council doesn't name or number the paths.  I have only posted pictures of the worst of the damage - approx 48 pictures - 16 areas.

Only three pictures can be uploaded for any one posting, so quite a few postings all with the title "Tough Mudder damage to ground"

I've also added photos to Fix My Street to at least record the damage

The park is looking terrible today. I could barely get my wheelchair over the mud on the paths and have now tracked it into my house and have to do a deep clean. The parks already have terrible wheelchair access and few drop curbs - this event has disabled me more by blocking off drop curbs, making paths dangerous for me with 4 inches of mud and making a space where I recharge, look and feel inhospitable. 

Mud is everywhere, and lots of grasslands, wildflower meadows, and wildlife habitats have been trampled until they look the Somme.

This is my favourite time of year in the park, and instead of looking at flowers and everything budding, I was seething over the destruction happening in front of me. It is really disheartening. 

It looked like people had fun, but at what cost to our park and wildlife habitats?

I walked through the north end of the park this morning and was shocked by the damage that had been done to the ground.  In previous years there was damage from these events but nothing on the scale of what has occurred this year.  It's almost as if the Council has has given Tough Mudder a licence to do anything that they think is necessary for the success of their commercial event.

It is no longer possible to walk down the hill from the running track to the carriage road on the grass due to the number of muddy tracks which have been created.

Who is going to pay for repairing the damage - Tough Mudder or council tax payers?

It's about time that Haringey councillors and senior parks officers were held to account for their decisions regarding the park.

The whole thing can be summed up as utterly grubby.

Worse than grubby. Martin Ball was one of many people who noted the names of the different stretches of mudtrail.
He gave me permission to try enhancing three of them taken in the dark.
This is "Minefield".

"Twinkle Toes", Another photo by Martin Ball. The aim he told me was not to fall off a narrow wooden bar.
And if you do, to protect your softer parts.

The title and text of the third title Martin Ball snapped.

To me it seems to have more than a touch of misogyny.

I'm told there was also a section with electrical trailing wires. So people commando crawl with Bellies Dragged on the Saturated Mud. I'd be happy to be corrected and told this is nonsense and there are no shocks

The belly crawling was under barbed wire but there was another course called electroshock something which did consist of trailing wires. 

They've put a video on their own website:


Thanks, Shar, for spotting the video.
I assume they had medical staff on call? The video made it look like they needed them.
Anyone check?



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