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Hi, does anyone know what is happening with the swimming pool at Tottenham Green? It was closed down due to a drainage problem about ten months ago. The latest I heard about a month ago was that the Council were considering taking all of Tottenham Green Leisure Centre back into its direct control, is there any other news on this ? I was a regular user of the pool and I can’t believe that it has not been in use for so long now, surely what ever was causing the issue could have been resolved by now. Does anyone know when it is due to reopen ?

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I agree but it is an absolute travesty that this is still closed, especially as it is serving the less affluent part of the borough. I don’t subscribe to the Torygraph so I can’t read the article but the headline is pretty damning: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/06/26/how-leisure-charity...

Hi Elizabeth thanks for your response, I do agree, I can't help thinking that the pool remains closed to save Fusion money, if they really want to fix the issue, it would have been re opened many months ago

Haringey Council negotiates exit from Fusion leisure contract


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From the article;

In Haringey, Cawley-Harrison says: “I’ve seen photos of things around pools that have obviously not been cleaned in days or perhaps even longer given the state it’s in. There’s broken equipment, and broken lockers.”

Tottenham Green leisure centre was at the centre of a severe safety incident in 2019, when four people were taken to hospital after being exposed to a chlorine gas leak. Fusion says it has since undertaken “extensive work” to ensure the plant room equipment that caused the gas release could be fixed.

Cawley-Harrison says: “Nothing like that has happened again but it only takes one time for something really tragic to happen, doesn’t it?

“We’ve had no real impression that beyond the centre managers there’s anyone with a real grip on the centres.”

I ama regular user. Apart from the swimming pool, that they are still fixing, all the other activities resterted in June.

Anyway, it wasn’t because of drainage issues but because of last December’s storm. The whole building was flooded with water.


I assume that Fusion and Haringey council are "discussing" who is going to pay for repair and upkeep of the pool.     Whilst us the swimmers hang around waiting......

Yes, so sad…

The lack of adequate facilities actually amounts to a serious public health issue.

I left Tottenham Green leisure centre due to it being closed so long and joined Clissold Leisure Centre, just off Stoke Newington Church Street  instead. This centre if run by Better and I can tell you it is ONE MILLION times BETTER than Tottenham Green in terms of facilities, cleanliness and activities.



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