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Is there a property developer going around quickly ‘modernising' potentially lovely Bruce Grove N17 terrace properties (- or a landlord offloading) them and putting them on the market for hefty mark ups?

32 Napier rd N17 - 3 bed for £674 995 - £679 995 (look at the internal doors!).

4 Alton Rd N15 - 4 bedroom for £665 000

28 Loxwood Rd N17 - 4 bedroom  for £649 995

But….from my experience ‘traditional' houses are most attractive to relocating families when they retain more of a traditional feel with original floors, fireplaces and doors. This developer is painting the brick facades with a light blue-grey wash, putting in engineered wooden parquet, hyper modern (inappropriate?) faux marble baths and kitchens and concrete based paving patios.

I am not against modern decor/architecture and sensitive combinations of modern within period properties. And it is good to see that previously neglected properties are getting some attention, but I just can’t get over the feeling that these 'modernisations' are quick fix, clumsy and counter productive...

Is this just an impression of mine? Am I just a nostalgic, period-feature snob? Do I have it all wrong?

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Someone's just added a pair of these to either end of a very nicely built breeze block wall on Langham road

What an eyesore! At least it's not of pair of lions or marble effect pillars!!

You mean like this?

I imagine you are most probably right. Unfortunalty When tottenham was a. It if a no go area landlords bought and did a buy them cheap, rent then out and run them in the ground. Now obviously with the current boom they are booting out the renters doing a very gawdy cheap renovation and selling it. I know because the flat next to me has just gone thorough the same awful process. I wanted to cry when I saw the finished product. It is just awful, but what can you do!!

BREXIT! soon come!

I'd pay extra not to have recessed lights in the ceiling!

I'd pay full asking if they didn't renovate and left it as a need modernisation! Irony is anyone buying it for a home would have to rip out the cheap kitchen and fittings anyway!

If I was looking for somewhere now I would not touch any of these houses at those prices precisely because of the way they have been 'renovated'.

The house on Loxwood seems to be stagnating on the market for some weeks now and I wonder whether it is because of this and the price level. Its been on since Sept 2016!!!!! And has been sitting empty.

When you compare its size with what you get in Haringay it would have been a good deal fro an upsizing fanily who wanated to stay nearby.

Has the developer done him/herself harm?



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