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There has been total traffic chaos in Tottenham tonight that has affected the whole of the eastern side of the borough. Beyonce was playing at the Spurs ground and everywhere was at a standstill from 4.30pm until at least 10.30pm. Having big concerts like this in an area of such high population density and small streets is madness and negatively affects everyone living and working in the area. Presumably there are more people attending these concerts as the pitch is covered for standing viewers than at the sporting events. Whilst Daniel Levy rubs his hands together the rest of us who have to get around the area suffer. 

Not on. Have concerts at the 02 or Wembley. 

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EDIT. I have just found out that there was a major crash on the A406 near the Angel Edmonton. No doubt this has caused most of the traffic congestion, rather than just bloody Beyonce. 

Also all these moronic anti democratic LTNs have not helped the situation.

It's useful to know about traffic congestion, whether caused by a major crash or a big concert at Spurs stadium. But, PLEASE, can we not use this as an excuse to start arguing about LTNs again. Let's try to keep discussion here calm and civilised.

Yes traffic actually seemed pretty normal on the other Beyonce nights. Buses were busy so I just timed any use of public transport carefully!

To answer your question re capacity, it’s less than the capacity for the football. About a third of the seats are blocked/behind the stage/set, so while people are standing on part of the pitch area (again part of this is covered by the set).

It was an amazing concert though, I would say Haringey is lucky to be able to host such fantastic events. 

All this is part and parcel of having New built stadium in our borough.

Brings prosperity and jobs.

Yes, it does cause chaos and inconvenience to close by residents but all these were consulted.



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