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I am in need of a tooth implant due to some unfortunate dental work in the past and am very nervous after the last dentist can anyone recommend a good dentist who has done an implant for them and maybe tell me it's not too awful and painful ! Thanks in advance

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I got mine done by Ramesh at Bridge Dental 

Very good and not painful (except in the wallet.)

Ooh thank you Adam i know it will be expensive. I'm prepared for that but I am a massive wimp with pain

Another good place is London Bridge dental practice on tooley street. Saw a dentist called Michael who is very good. Again you pay for a good dentist! But worth it. I was nervous and he was really good with me

Try Gary or Dominic at King Ave Dental Practice in Muswell Hill (Just off Queens Ave) - 020 8883 5470.  Been going for years and they are both brilliant.

I agree with Michelle. Dominic repaired a failed triple root canal and new crown for me and did it for half the price quoted by a specialist.
Thank you Dick try all sound so nice am going to call around them all and see them for quotes if they are a regular dentist they don't usually do implants too they normally only do implants if that is what they do but I want to change my dentist anyway so will check them out
Thank you Emma and Michelle. :-)
I would highly recommend Dr Alan Ross at Mill Hill Dental Practice
A competent, ethical dentist with a firm following coming from miles around. A neighbour recommended originally. Skilled, efficient and considerate.
Good pain control (never felt any pain in any visit as anxious as I was at the beginning) and talks you through it. Deals with underlying problems rather than just symptoms.

www.millhilldentist.co.uk 020 8959 1208

Good luck!
Hello Lynne . He sounds like just what I would like but is he an implant specialist as my dentist said I need to have an implant specialist and not a normal family dentist ? If so that wold be great thanks Tina
Hi Tina,

I spoke to Alan, and he said he works closely with an implant specialist, but doesn't do them himself.


Wow thanks Lynne he sounds great

does anyone recall a post here about a teaching place in / near Bath where implants are much cheaper but still good?  And you dont have to fly there.



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