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According to Ediz on Twitter, councillors have abandoned the meeting and scuttled out the back door...updates welcome...

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I'm not on Twitter. Just googled Haringey LTNs 

So no right to legal protest ? Supine.

From my point of view 1) isn't great either, Council has been run by Labour for years and it will continue to be run by Labour. So they are not really that accountable, normal malaise of people just needing to get on with there lives means they can pretty much do what they like with little accountability. But hay I am warm, dry, have electricity, water and am not being bombed so its not that bad I can't move my car for 4-5 hours a day.

I was there. Yes, noisy on arrival and but once inside quietened.

The council made no attempts to engage in any form and now really need to consider a meditator if they don't have the skills.

Council members left - in their cars- by the back door.

There was a question asked about whether councillors have all been given free access to all LTNs.

There were cameras present to document the protest, an these willl evidence that at no time was the council under threat. There was also a significant security presence inside and a line of police outside. 

Ask yourself, who was supposed to be intimidated?

For those interested to discuss solutions - meeting in Turkish Centre, 22 Moorefield Road on Wednesday from 5pm.

There is some urgency - district and palliative nurses services seriously compromised, many blue badge holders are not allowed LTN access,  family carers bring fined,  disability advicates concerned, bus service in North London impacted by current traffic levels abd TFL has now reduced bys service  contain the number of journeys curtailed 


« Many blue badge holders are not allowed LTN access… ». But LTNs do not block access to any street. So this statement is just false. What else in your assertions is false?

I have no doubt that the introduction of the LTNs means things have changed with some negative impact too. But if you want to make a case for changing things please use facts…

I am afraid it is not false according to he people attending the various meetings are relating their stories and difficulties; PCN fines received.Disability support groups have had to be alerted to advocate.

It certainly does seem odd that Blue Badges have not given universal access but the LTN management seems to have created an exception. I understand that BBH have had to complete multiple forms for each LTN they anticipate entering. I wonder if it is a glitch in ANPR tech or BB registrations?

You are most wecome to come to the next meeting to ask your question to the affected individuals or to  seek clarity from your ward counsellor and report back here for the benefit of HoL users.

You also have the right to submit a Freedom of Information request from Haringey Council to ask how many official a Blue Badge holders have been sent PCN fines and warnings

The various ‘cells’ within each LTN are accessible for anyone and at any time. There are no areas where cars cannot get to where they could get to before. So Blue badge holders have universal access to any street they could access before the LTNs existed. They may need to use different routes and streets but they aren’t blocked from getting to any address they previously could get to.

So .please stop repeating this false hood.

As for Haringey council, I never was a fan of their moanfullly had provision of services to the east of the  borough.

Please see below from the council website.

"The exemption is limited to the home LTN of the Blue Badge holder or part of their home LTN where the LTN constitutes discrete areas. "


I am shocked that an intimidating and aggressive crowd blocked the democratic process of the council. Disgusting. 

Democracy needs to be seen to be believed. If the people do not see it operating it's merely a rumour.

At the  council meeting of 5.9.22 the council called the police out on residents instead of answering questions.

At the council meeting 14.09.22 the council restricted the public from being present at the public meeting- even those who had fully and legitimately submitted questions using the council's process.

At the council meeting of 21.9.22, once on the room people settled quietly on seats designed for the public. There were ample security  but no one from the council came to speak to residents.

It is not clear who made the decision to cancel the meeting; was it the leader, was it by majority or unanimous agreement by councillors, was the meeting in quorate, was it on advice from police?

We don't know so I can't say if democratic processes were followed which resulted in cancellation.

The core :-

The consultation was passed with very little rigour and was carried out on traffic data collected in the lockdown. One of the Counsellors has now starred to discuss this openly


When people don't feel heard when they feel genuinely aggrieved they either go away and fester or, if feelings are strong or rebuffed, will persist in ways that get attention. The result has been council are now realising they cannot just wait 18 months and actively need to get individual feedback and possibly scheme adjustments to reduce unanticipated effects (from the modelling). The area emails below are good for individual feedback. Traffic orders is the legal comments re support/opposition and will be assessed at 18 months.

I have been told that comments in the first 3 months might be disregarded - democracy(?)





The backlash was anticipated :-


My personal views and you are welcome to disagree.

The LTNs have certainly improved public engagement with local authority.There is a lot to be gained for both counsellors and residents. This looks to me like democracy in its most active form.

Being shocked and disgusteded may urge you to engage in democratic processes by attending in person or sending your views and questions directly to your ward counsellor. You could even set up a demonstration. It is legal.



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