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I'm no supporter of Robinson or the EDL but I don't think this should be posted on HOL. It legitimises violence in pursuit of political ends.

Oh... like those Suffragettes that turned to violence. Sadly, if someone comes over to your left wing meeting with a camera intent on embarrassing you for the colour of your skin, you're not left with many options.

Options? I can think of a few. But my point was that posting these pictures on HOL reinforces the idea that, fake or not, kicking someone's head in is justified if you don't like their views.

( The majority of suffragettes, btw, did not support the violence:  some have said that it put female emancipation back by at least 10 years )

Thanks for your measured and illuminating reply

Can't say I'm too upset. Robinson is a vile individual who has spent his life encouraging hatred and bigotry which has probably led to attacks on many people   

Starting to look like a set up. Robinson not even slightly injured..   

My thought too Phil.  There’s a lot of speculation on social media that this was a set up.  Robinson has form for stunts.

"Not the face man, not the face!"

This is what I’m thinking... oh look at poor me being attacked be men in masks. He’s pathetic 

Oh hang on a minute. If he was a woman crying foul of an attack, perhaps of a sexual nature, they'd throw "him" in jail.

I too abhor violence but Mr Robinson (which is not his real name) has a long history of deliberately provoking confrontation.  He and his supporters travel far and wide with the aim of intimidating and stirring hatred.  He’s also a convicted criminal who spent time inside not that long ago for fraud.  He’s not above deliberately lying simply to get a reaction, as his post about Sadiq Khan's wife shows.


As he didn’t get any of the footage he was hoping for outside the meeting I wouldn’t put it past him to conjure something up for himself.

Tbf... We have no confirmation of who they were... 



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