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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

COVID-19 vaccination pop-up clinic at Wightman Road Mosque today at 10am - 1pm.

The walk-in clinic is open to anyone aged 50 and over, & people with an underlying health condition.

Please bring I.D. and remember #HandsFaceSpace

Excuse the late notice - this wasn't circulated by the Council.

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Thank you for sharing this- I was given an appt at Lordship Lane on Tuesday but it 

was closed for vaccinations when I got there.

Just been here instead & it was such a pleasant experience- no queues & lovely helpful

volunteers & staff.  

Glad you were able to make use of it. I think it was pretty poorly advertised. So not surprised there were no queues. 

Oh and when I went there at quarter to one there were queues out of the door.

I was too late for the one today, but here are the others  

  • Sunday 21 March, 10am – 1pm:  
    Masjid Ayesha, Clyde Road, N15 4JZ
  • Monday 29 March, 10am- 1pm:
    Turkish Cypriot Community Association, 628- 630 Green Lanes N8 0SD 
  • Tuesday 13 April, 10am- 1pm:
    London Alevi Cultural Centre, Clarendon Road N8 0DD

Well done - thanks for adding these.

I was hoping there might be another one tomorrow, but no such luck. Figured others might be interested! (I am scheduled for next week anyway.)

There’s been better communication on the renaming of Black Boy Lane than this


I agree - this is the first time I have seen notification of these anywhere. Given how important it is to get everyone vaccinated I would have thought they would have done a much better job of promoting this!

When is the next one please and where?


No, that’s unfair. Haringey advertised these pop-up clinics - with details of venues, dates and times - in their magazine which they linked to in a tweet on Friday; they then tweeted about the clinics again on Friday evening and again yesterday morning. I’m usually the last to defend the council but they deserve credit for putting the word out when they did.

Question: Can you get your second dose in one of these - I had my first dose about 6-8 weeks ago but no date given for 2nd dose? I tried phoning a number I was given and it was clear the person answering had no clue.

Re the person who said Haringey had put up notices on Twitter and in their magazine.  There's a massive assumption there -1.  everyone uses Twitter (many older people, the majority I'd say, never use Twitter), plus many foreign nationals (large numbers in my area) do not use Twitter.

2. Everyone in Haringey reads the magazine from cover to cover - um No  ... although it's occasionally interesting it's often just a positive propaganda rag for Haringey, so I often don't bother, or I'm too busy...

Yes I agree. Seriously how many people read that magazine? Mine goes straight in the bin. And like you say not everyone is on Twitter or social media.



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