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Tipco Still Searching for Betting Shop Premises in Harringay

Having been elbowed out of The Coliseum, Tipico are still determined to find a premises in Harringay.

We heard the word that Tipico are approaching shop owners in Harringay in an attempt to secure a foothold here. It seems that the "NOT WELCOME" message is not enough.

So what's next? Do we just wait whilst they do their own style of Christmas shopping or do we / our political leaders do something?

Mr Lammy? Ms Canver? What's next?

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Having been elbowed out of The Coliseum

Is this title accurate? My understanding is that Tipico never actually got in to the Coliseum so they couldn't be moved out.

"elbowed" suggests that another betting operator forced their way ahead of them, but wasn't it the estate agency that abandoned the assignment of the Lease, giving a breathing space for the community to come up with an alternative.

I think its important to appreciate that whether Tipico was "elbowed out" or declined entry, the KFH stay of execution is only temporary. KFH taketh away and KFH could easily giveth, again. If no suitable alternative is found, then either Tipico or another betting operator could easily be back again, with ribs intact.

If Tipico are making enquiries about alternatives, then this is a rational backstop position, in chance they don't get another opportunity at the Coliseum. Given that the financial pressure on KFH to sell is relentless, they may well be hoping that the Coliseum will come up again in a few months.

IMO, Tipco's Lefkosia livery is no worse than the average betting shop in Haringey: garish, ugly and unwelcome.

Excellent point, Clive. Thank you.



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