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So, it seems like we're about to lose a dearly loved pub. This comes on top of losing the less dearly loved (but full of potential) Queen's Head

Perhaps now's the time for us to start thinking if we ought to take steps to enable us to use the Community Right to bid before we lose anything else.

Less than a week before Xmas is terrible timing, but I thought I'd just throw down a marker before I forgot all about it.

Read more about Community Right to Bid here.

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Phew, thought this might be about The Beak.

First they came for the Garden Ladder but I said nothing because i was not a gardener...etc etc ;)

I'm in on this one if there is anyone out there who an guide us through the tortuous legislation.

Good local example.  This pub was registered under the scheme to which I refer to above. Its registration means that the community have a right to bid - nothing more - but at least that gives the opportunity to decide if something's important enough to dig into pockets for or to reach out and help find another tenant.

The example with the Kinleigh Folkard Hayward Building might be considered one example of how the community can act together to have more influence on the shape of our high street. This legislation extends and formalises that.

Just had a look at the website and it looks like a great initiative.  From memory David and I did some work on this last year in terms of thinking about Harringay ward so its definitely something I would like to take up the reins on again in the new year, so very happy to be involved and help get things moving.

Is there nothing in Planning or Licensing or whatever able to stop a (almost viable?) pub becoming another **&$*"!!*^ kebab shop?


A pub can be converted into a restaurant or a wine bar without planning permission, but not a fast food shop. It's still worth contesting the Garden Ladder by writing to the Planning Office and checking whether they have applied for planning permission. For some strange legislative reason, you can convert a fast food shop into a pub without planning permission!

I think Pamish maybe had in mind a kebab restaurant rather than a hot food takeaway which is A5 use.

Without seeking planning permission a pub can lawfully convert to

A1 - shop, which includes cold food takeaways and Internet cafes
A2 - financial and professional services, which includes a betting office
A3 - restaurant or cafe

A betting office is already making me shudder.

The community has to apply for an ACV at least two months before a pub comes on the market in order to have a right to bid. In CAMRA we are suggest that local communities should form a pub preservation group and apply for ACVs for all your local pubs. We can help: www.camra.org. Affording to buy the pubs if they come on the market is another matter!

Hi Hugh - I am sure that you have heard about the community efforts to buy the Antwerp Arms Pub in Church Road, Tottenham N17.  We are now preparing to offer the community the chance to buy shares from the end of January.  It is important to get together a team of founder members to apply to Harringey Council to make the Queens Head an asset of community value ASAP! And that will protect it from any change of use  (ie developers) for the next five years  We were the first pub in North London to achieve this status...  Please visit our Facebook Page 'The Antwerp Arms Association' to see how we have done things and please LIKE us to offer support and to get our updates...We will help you with your quest to save your pub as much as we can.  Good Luck!

Will fwd you an email about £5k looking for a home if you get your skates on.



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