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I'm currently with O2 and the coverage is okay, but I'm looking at other options.

The various network coverage checker maps suggest Three Mobile coverage ranging from Excellent to no data across the Ladder. EE seems good in all checkers.

The most reliable checker, based on actual date not a prediction is Open Signal.* They show "No Data" for most of the Ladder. (Another one I found is Root Checker).

Given EE's customer feedback, I'm erring towards Three, but not if the coverage is no good.

Anyone care to share their experience? 

*BTW, Open Signal and the Consumer Association make the following request: 

To ensure that our reports and the interactive map are accurate, we require as much data as possible. To help provide this, we need you to download OpenSignal's free Android or iPhone app.

The data collected is stripped of any identifying information and uploaded to OpenSignal's servers, taking care to use as little processing power and battery life as possible.

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Doesn't coverage depend on how many users are using the same relay antenna? i.e if they all are using it at the same time the signal weakens.

I'm just over on the Gardens side of the Ladder (does that still technically count as the Ladder?), and most of the time I get medium strength 3G (not 4G) signals,. It's usable but definitely a bit weaker/slower than when we were in a more central part of London.



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