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Cllr Brabazon has just let me know that she and Cllr Anna Abela proposed three Ladder streets for repaving in the current funding round and all were approved last night. Beresford, Hampden and Hewitt should be repaved in the 23/24 year.

Thank you, Zena and Anna.

Cllr Abela informed that, "the roads included in this year’s plan of works were chosen on the basis of a scoring scheme, which accounted for condition of the road, footfall, and proximity to important amenities/schools/GP surgeries, among other criteria." 

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When can we start complaining about the disruption ? 

Seriously, good news and thanks to Zena.

Good question John!

I imagine it will be quite a while. But at least over the first hurdle. These roads really do need investment so I will try and find out the timetable. 


Zena Brabazon
Cllr, Harringay ward

Hi Zena,  

Is there a long term plan to re-pave and resurface all of the ladder roads?  Having seen that Cavendish and some of the garden streets had been done I did raise a question via the Haringey website but got no response. The surface on Duckett Road is poor and has been patched repeatedly.  If there’s a way of making a request for consideration of resurfacing then I’d be keen to know!



‘Investment,’ ...music to my ears

Are we talking the road or the footpath? The footpath on Beresford needs a lot of work!

Repaving the pavements.

Hi Hugh; Does pavements mean footpaths?  I’m so Canadian where we call them sidewalks. If so great. Zena told me months ago that she thought they needed redoing. 

Yes, sidewalks  

Thanks Hugh. 

Current usage seems to be "Footways "

Update of how selection was made added to original post.

Ron on Hewitt turns 90, this will make his journey so much easier, as it will do all our senior citizens



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