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The Hornsey Town Hall Facebook group are organising a ten-minute 'pavement procession' from Earl Haig to Hornsey Town Hall at 3pm on Saturday - please get involved!
HTH is about to be sold off to a $2bn Cayman-Islands registered developer and we only have until Tuesday to make any objections known. So if you come to our event, we'll have three days to convince peolpe to make their feelings known.
The walk ends in a brief meeting inside HTH where we can show you what the principal objections are and how you can comment on the planning application:
(This image is of a relief by Arthur Ayres above the old Gas showroom in the Town Hall square, which featured as the sculpture of the month in February 2016 on the second website of Bob Speel. These chaps seem actually to be thinking about what they are doing.)
We've had lots of damaging, costly plans for HTH in the past and all have come to nothing. As well as gutting the interior, the developer stands to make a £22m profit from 146 luxury flats in the car park. This is an increase on the last madcap scheme that came to nothing. Worse, the affordable housing provision has been cynically reduced to ZERO percent - #HTHbaddeal.
Here's a video to give some idea of what we'll have to live with from the flats alone:
Please join us and show your support for a better future for the centre of our town. At least one local group (http://www.hthas.org.uk/a-community-interest-company) has a credible plan and enough strong local people to provide a better future - let us help get the views and ideas of local people taken seriously.
The Weston and Haringey Parks Association, the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum and the Crouch End Festival are among many local groups concerned enough to campaign for a better deal. The Forum has a handy guide to objecting.
We want to not only preserve the Arts Centre but enhance it. A plan that does not evict 130 small business people from the Town Hall but uses their revenue (and the £4m restoration grant available) to offset costs. A plan that does not see a large car park in our 100% publically-owned £150m campus sold off to 146 buy-to-leave investors, each paying around £1m per flat.  City Hall is buying up land, finding lots of developers keen to bui... whilst our Council is selling it off to provide zero because the huge developer claims that £22m profit is the minimum they will accept.
Please get a free ticket here (helps us manage numbers): bit.ly/hthrtkts
Be really nice, if you can make it, if you would lend a hand.  It's a simple, straightforward, modest event that would be enriched by a whole host of things you could help with if you have time.
Ideas for slogans, making a few placards, being a steward, promoting via email, twitter, on FB, speaking at the meeting, doing some slides, recording the event via photos, videos, leading the procession - whatever you would feel most comfortable doing, ideally so it is thoroughly enjoyable for you. Doesn't happen every day.
Even if you don't fancy too much joining in, it'd be lovely to see you join a select band of people showing that we do care about our town centre, so please book your place in the history of Crouch End and get a free ticket: bit.ly/hthrtkts

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The HDV people have a march on Saturday too. Facebook event here. I'm a bit disappointed to see you're not more joined up with them.

We are in touch with them/they us John for the exchange of mutual support - the HDV march goes along Green Lanes to arrive at Finsbury Park at 3pm so it's possible for people to do both. There's is a much bigger event of course so don't want to water it down.


All the details on the HTH application are assembled on the handy guide to objecting page I mentioned. 

If you go to the planning section of the Council's website, you can also search for individual things there, including addresses, postcodes, topics etc. HTH is also at the top of their Major Contentious Developments page.

If you mean the HDV - one place to go is stophdv.com - the HDV is not one single planning application.

Thanks but I found it, this was all I needed and for anyone else looking for direct application link here who are short on time like myself: 



Also, I am not directly local so don't know what "HDV "means??  

Glad you've found it! A direct link:


appears at the very top of the handy guide to commenting I linked to - full of suggestions as to how you might want to comment.

HDV ------------------

The council and a huge Australian developer (Lendlease) each have 50% of a company that will own all £2bn's worth of Haringey's property (social housing, council estates, bits of land etc).  The company will 'regenerate', pay Lendlease for the work then split any profits - rinse and repeat.  Ownership of the housing remains with the Council. The Council claim this is a fundamentally different approach as usually, when Council's partner with developers, they lose control of the dwellings and future profits.

The transfer of council property is the largest in England, ever and thus regarded by commentators as a massive risk, and apparently by residents as totally out of order.  

The company is called the 'Haringey Development Vehicle' - hence HDV 

Ah thank you for your informative reply, will also have a look at the link. It's outrageous and terrifying but not at all surprising from Haringey council. Up until now crouch end has been largely left alone at least structurally---here in seven sisters it's been an ugly land grab left right and centre for some time now. Thanks for spreading the word.

All part of the service! Good luck with all your endeavours.

Photo courtesy of Richard Downes (a few more here):



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