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Hello all

Further to a separate discussion thread on which we were talking about Heartlands, I thought it might be useful to add a discussion inviting comments on Park View Academy and Greig City Academy.

Parents' views are frequently a better indicator of success than Ofsted reports, which can be out of date.

If you're a parent of children at one of those of those schools (or even an older child there), and could spare two minutes to tell us what you think, I'm sure there'd be a lot of very grateful readers who are still trying to work through the secondary school conundrum.

Many thanks


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Just replied to your other thread on Park View

Response on our Facebook page:

Katherine Reynolds

Hello There, My granddaughter attends Park View at the moment and in terms of GCSE results it's just satisfactory. But the benefits of the school are that the subjects offered are vast and in the more difficult subjects (eg. further maths, further english) the students produce some phenomenal results. My granddaughter has no problems with the compulsory subjects and whichever school she attends I know she will achieve an A - A* in them however with the harder distinct subjects such as Economics: schools such as Park View and Fortismere offer this and deliver these subjects well. League Tables do not provide everything as most league tables do not compare subjects such as Mandarin and Psychology which Park View have done well in previous years. The only setback is for less intelligent students who do not really get the option of these subjects.

I'm happy to add comments or respond to any questions if you like ! You may not want it from me of course, but will help if you wish.

Alex Atherton


Park View



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