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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

'Arringay 'Oney is "literally a masterpiece that cannot be equalled"*

At the end of last week I was lucky enough to get the last jar of Thierry's Harringay Honey. You know me I'm a fyule for anything with Harringay on the label. 

It was a pleasure to meet Thierry as I picked up the honey. After my visit with Harringay's newest apiarist, I carried my jar home and unaware of quite how precious was the treasure it contained, carelessly put it away to try later.

This evening I dipped a spoon in and tried it...wow! Now this goes way beyond a Harringay-on-the-label kind of thing. This honey is first class stuff - probably the best honey I've ever had. If there was an AOC for honey this would be at the top of the superiere league. It really is very special.

Stellar stuff, Thierry - all from hives in a Harringay garden. Please put me down for two jars next year. (I'd have more, but that wouldn't be fair on everyone else now, would it!). 

(*For an explanation of this quote see this video at 2:47)

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You got the last jar, meanie! Totally agree that it is very delicious honey, we bought one jar and are using it for toast only!
Thank you, I'm really glad you like it!

 yes I also managed to get a jar and it is the best honey ever. Count me in for next year and it might do my hay fever some good next year. JJ

I agree - this is the most beautifully flavoured honey, with the bouquet of the 18 flowers that Thierry told me that his two hives of bees visited. So special and distinctive and for me, also, the best I've tasted. In the interests of local democracy, please put me down for another jar next year as I know they will be in great demand!

Looks like you need to put your bees on overtime, Thierry!

This year's batch for sale here.



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