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have a look at these and have a chuckle

Update: I see the "Ladder dads" have started at each other down the bottom of this post, which is fine and all that but really, this post is about having a chuckle at the wonderful inventiveness of folk and the amazing 'brand recognition' that those 'godless' adverts created. Please click above and smile and don't feel obliged to read/join in with the discussion below (unless you really want to).
Update: Just to say that the Ladder Dads is a drinking group who welcome males (dad like or not) who want a neighbourly drink on a Friday night(2ndFri of the month) in the Salisbury. If anyone thought I was being facetious, I apologise but B2 and John are stalwarts and I believe the conversation they are pursuing below is typical of what you may hear, sponsored by London Pride (I don't think you have to live on the Ladder either). Go along if you are at a loose end.
Btw you may notice that if you reply to this, your contribution may be deleted from latest activity but not from the thread, this is to give a more balanced look to latest activity and is always done where a thread is dominating the front page. It's nothing personal.

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People use a variety of subjects to hate each other, religious beliefs is one of many.

"people are using religion as a reason to hate one another" as an atheists you have just proved this.

I have said many times with your generalisation default John (football fans as well) it is dangerous.

Not all football fans are hooligans. Not all religious folk spread hatred and not all atheists are extremists.

I welcome your views but if there were some religious extremist views going on here I would be commenting on that too.
I can't resist. Not everybody has to be a football hooligan for it to be a problem and not everyone has to be a religious extremist for it to be a problem. I compare football's problems to rugby's problems and I think I'd rather leave that one out of this thread as neither are that bad, just "in my opinion" one worse than the other.

I don't hate religious people, I am scared of them sometimes but I certainly don't hate them.
I find it laughably ironic that out of all the religions in the world is always the atheists who preach the most, from my personal experience mind.

I have hoards of religious friends and family and have never been preached to in any way the way that atheists preach to me.

It’s convenient and fashionable to blame religion all the time and someone with your intellect should delve a little deeper. Humans are the problem, not football, cricket, religion, punk rock or Upsie Daisy.

Not at the pub on Friday, babysitting : (
Because I like winding John up and I would rather go to church (even as a non believer) than be in a room full of opinionated intellectuals looking down their noses : )
John McM said: I'm anti fairy tales full stop.

oooooooohhhhhhh!! can you please clarify...
Fairy tales for adults.
"There is however evidence for Buddha's existence and none whatsoever outside of the new testament for a certain Mr J. Christ."

I think a few hundred million followers and churches all over the world might just prove you wrong on that, old chap. Oh, and the coming of Christ was predicted as well, yeah?
Nah. Buddhists may not believe in a god-like supreme being, but they buy into a whole sackful of equally la-la crap; realms of existence beyond the physical world, reincarnation, "spirits" that exist outside a living being, "karma" etc. You can't call yourself an atheist if you unquestioningly accept as truth the inventions of some "holy man."
Absolutely Danzigger, an atheist can't proclaim to be a Buddhist. That's having your cake and eating it.
It should be simple enough. He walked on water, fed a crowd with a couple of bits of bread and died after a crucifixion but rose from the dead three days later. Why is there nothing contemporary written about him?Please, anything that does not have a primary source of the new testament is acceptable. Tacitus, Josephus, Seneca and Plutarch said NOTHING. Yet around 310AD Eusebius writes the new testament for his emperor Constantine which they ratify in 325 and we've been stuck with it since. Wasn't the book of Mormon similarly composed?

It is all nonsense JD. Find me one contemporary mention of him as existing around the time that he was supposed to have existed that is written BEFORE 185AD when the Gnostics made him up. There is more evidence for Horus but we're not "worshipping" him because it was "heretical" and you were burned at the stake for "heresy". Not to mention that he was obviously made up too.
No don't!

Ladder Dads is not offensive at all. It is a group of "dads" who meet down at the Salisbury on the second Friday of every month. Please come down tomorrow night, I'll buy you a drink.
Oh OK John. thanks for the clarification. Will do sometime, but can't tomorrow. have a good time



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