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have a look at these and have a chuckle

Update: I see the "Ladder dads" have started at each other down the bottom of this post, which is fine and all that but really, this post is about having a chuckle at the wonderful inventiveness of folk and the amazing 'brand recognition' that those 'godless' adverts created. Please click above and smile and don't feel obliged to read/join in with the discussion below (unless you really want to).
Update: Just to say that the Ladder Dads is a drinking group who welcome males (dad like or not) who want a neighbourly drink on a Friday night(2ndFri of the month) in the Salisbury. If anyone thought I was being facetious, I apologise but B2 and John are stalwarts and I believe the conversation they are pursuing below is typical of what you may hear, sponsored by London Pride (I don't think you have to live on the Ladder either). Go along if you are at a loose end.
Btw you may notice that if you reply to this, your contribution may be deleted from latest activity but not from the thread, this is to give a more balanced look to latest activity and is always done where a thread is dominating the front page. It's nothing personal.

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Excellent. Just the chuckle I needed, and as an atheist, they were all very amusing.
I really loved some of these (and the last one is for you Old Age Emporium).
Brilliant Liz. I was reading them out to my Mum on the phone last night and I think it must be a visual thing - I could tell she was smiling at them, however I got the distinct impression she was humouring me because she knew how funny I thought they were - doh! Thanks for sharing them though - brightened up my evening!
I fear I am Flickrless and therefore chuckleless, Liz - but I'll work on it.
Didn't the link work for you OAE? You don't need a Flickr account to see it, I don't think.
Never Fear OAE - you can create your own slogan for the bus here
Damn designers / advertisers, have they nothing more constructive to do.

Having a discussion the other day with a mate and as atheism means the rejection of any god/s, can atheists believe in buddhism as they don't believe in a god/s either?

I argued my point, but want to know what atheists think?
I'm anti fairy tales full stop.

There is however evidence for Buddha's existence and none whatsoever outside of the new testament for a certain Mr J. Christ.

I thought Buddha was just a person anyway, albeit one who achieved Nirvana.
Does this include most alternative remedies that have no scientific basis for working but most middle class thirty somethings lap up with great spiritual belief?

Budda may have been a person but so might have Jesus, he worked at Wood Green Timber didn't he?

I for one like religion, although I'm not religious. If the world had no religion there would be little colourful culture, afterall most cultures stem from religious backgrounds, even ours although most of us couldn't give a flying Donald anymore - me included.
Didn't the Medicis do enough for you? The Catholic church ruthlessly put down all alternatives for hundreds of years, don't you think there could have been even better art?

I think you mean spiritual backgrounds. Fine, I agree with you, Gods were important to the poor old pagans who lived in the dark and didn't understand the principles of physics but the current crop of Abrahamic religions is causing no end of misery for no reason whatsoever. Big deal if they have more meaningful funerals.

Jesus was not a person, he was an allegorical person made up by Gnostic Christians around 180AD and then turned into a real person by monks in the Roman empire a hundred years later to further their own ends. It has been very successful, no?
My fresh tin of maggots worked then?
"Didn't the Medicis do enough for you?" No,still on day release with my bark oil cream.

"Jesus was not a person," in your opinion

There's nout worse than a bunch of holier than though Christians....apart from holier than though atheists who had religion rammed down their necks as kids, I didn't so take a less extreme opinion o the matter.
It is extremely likely that Jesus was made flesh by a Roman monk 300 years after he is supposed to have lived. No contemporary accounts of him exist and they should. Indiana Jones will be a real person in 300 years too on similar thinking.

This is a big deal to me because people are using religion as a reason to hate one another and teaching their children to do the same! This is completely pointless. Completely. You're welcome to reply to this of course but I'm saving up for Friday night down the pub.



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