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Does anyone have any idea what they're turning this into? I know it was up for sale about 6months ago, but the builders have now moved in. Can't find any details on the council website about license applications in relation to it.

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New cafe that's opened up on the High Road, just down from big Tesco. Same crew that run one down in Highbury. We tried it on Sunday. Vegetarian breakfasts, top notch food and coffee. Worth a look in!


The areas definitely changing with a few more of these places popping up.

Craving does better food and coffee, but Blighty is still a welcome addition.  I have internet at home again so plan to start blogging some of the newcomers soon! (but sometimes they need a bit longer to bed in - I try to only write about places I genuinely recommend)

Would have been good of them to get permission BEFORE altering the facade of this attractive front in the conservation area. I hope they will do something to remedy this. The basic powder coated door they have just shoved in is not the best. They are jsut following the xample of same ole same ole that goes on in Tottenham! Such a pity because teh rest is looking promising!

That is the attitude that gets the place in a mess.

The big picture is made up of little pixels and when too many pixels stop working the picture is not a good one.

You need to focus on BOTH with all due respect!

BOTH the detail and the bigger plan and I agree that the tone you use does count.

But we alos need a maximum of rseidents to prick up ther ears and to keep nformed and participate no matter how little the part they play is.

We all get frustrated at times and we need puppies and bulldogs.

A Thai?

Chicken town is pants - im shocked people eat there.

The owners of the WG Tavern were given planning permission to convert the upper floors of the pub to residential some time ago - 2015. There's been debate on here about it, I believe.

Re the Fountain Pub you may all be interested to know that the ugly unauthorised addition to the garage next to it has been refused planning permission. We need to lobby Haringey Council to enforce this so that the surrounding Clyde Circus conservation area retains its architectural integrity and that the place improves.

Just fire off an email to Haringey's enforcement team.

And did you know that Haringey council is currently asking for comments on the recently completed Consevation Area Character Appraisals? Why not take a look and put your comments in. The entire A10-Hgh Rd between South Tottenham and Edmonton borders is in conservation areas. It's known as the Tottenham Historic Corridor!


Thanks JJ!



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