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Does anyone have any idea what they're turning this into? I know it was up for sale about 6months ago, but the builders have now moved in. Can't find any details on the council website about license applications in relation to it.

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Found something! 

Applicant address: "

2A Lord Street Second Floor
Isle of Man


And I wonder if the objection from CAMRA was addresed?

Comments: On behalf of the Campaign for Real Ale North London Branch I object to yet another threat to our capital's pub stock, our community facilities, our valued amenities. We do not ‐ despite claims to the contrary ‐ need more flats at the expense of our community facilities. That the applicant lives outside the UK should be enough to demonstrate that they have no interest in our local communities. Too many of our pubs have been lost ‐ reject this application. The National Planning Framework and the initiatives from the London Mayor's office give ample precedent to reject this application. The developer should have to demonstrate that we do not need this public house. The danger of these conversions is that the pub becomes less capable of operating as a pub. At a later date the developer then claims it is unviable and seeks to close it. Should permission be granted the a condition should be attached to the consent which removes the permitted development rights which would assist in ensuring the long‐term survival of the public house use on the premises.   For example, ¿Notwithstanding the provision of the Town and Country Planning General Development Order 1988 (or any Order revoking and re‐enacting that Order), planning permission shall be required in respect of development constituting a change of use to uses within Use Classes A1, A2 or A3 to the Second schedule to the Order, or for any proposal to change the use temporarily to B1 business use under the extension of Permitted Development enacted in 2013. In addition, planning permission shall be required for any demolition which would otherwise constitute permitted development.¿ There is ample precedent for this.  In the case of The Wenlock Arms in Hackney, the local Council allowed the development of the upper stories (into private flats) with the imposition of a Moran Condition The approved scheme, with its Moran Condition (removal of the permitted development rights, effectively an Article 4 Direction), has, CAMRA believes, now secured a proper refurbishment and repair programme with new facilities to secure and maintain the pub's  long‐term survival. Indeed initial work on improvements to the ground floor and basement have taken place and the pub is successfully trading again.

I'd imagine not...interesting read none the less.

This little snippet is VERY interesting:

"The Haringey Local Plan 2013 sets out a target of 8,200 dwellings between 2011 and 2021 (820 per year). Under the proposed further alterations to the London plan (FALP), the 2015-2015 target is proposed to increase to 15,019 (1,502 per year)"

notwithstanding the obvious typo, as of last year, so before the Tottenham Hotspur deal, they now have to give permission for 1,502 dwellings a year in the borough or face the p;anning function being taken over by the GLA. Given the limited space and great transport links in Harringay it's MOAR towers!

I'm not sure what the problem is with high-rise blocks of flats, provided they are in appropriate places - close to good transport links, etc. There is a chronic shortage of decent housing, especially in the East of the Borough (Tottenham etc). Of course, the problem with all new housing developments is: is there enough _genuinely_ affordable housing (that is, what is now called "social housing", and what we would once have called "council housing")? I'm hoping that the Mayor of London's policy will mean more social housing, but I'm not terribly optimistic.

They should all be a five minute walk away from good transport links. The shops and things need to be around the transport links and if the London Plan density formula peaked at 5 minutes away from Tube stations then you'd get much better development and none of this black hole effect above the "transport hub" where the densities get ridiculous.

Funny considering the West Green didn't sell any real ale. If it had, I might have gone there more than once.

That is indeed a shame.

I should add it was not my choice to go there!  I agreed to go with a neighbour who helped me uproot a bush in my front garden. Older, Turkish, unemployed, council tenant, been here for nearly 20 years but very little English.  I suggested the Fountain but he thought it was too fancy there.  Then it transpired that he thought we were on a date! He insisted on buying me a veggie burger in a polystyrene box from the kebab shop down the road (now also closed), even though I wasn't hungry.  But he didn't get himself anything to eat so I had to eat this nasty burger in front of him, or as much as I could manage to eat before making my excuses. 

And that is hopefully when I stopped saying yes to things out of politeness (damn you, cultural conditioning!)


Though have you seen the men's loos?  Pictures on male friends' phones show them to be gleaming marble. The ladies is mouldy.

Fingers crossed something nice moves into the space downstairs. One can only hope.

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